‘Be strong’: IIT Delhi’s COVID-positive students make video on life in isolation

IIT Delhi: The video ends with an encouragement to students to seek help if they have COVID-like symptoms.

‘Be strong’: IIT Delhi’s COVID-positive students make video on life in isolation IIT Delhi’s COVID-positive students make video on life in isolation
Team Careers360 | May 5, 2021 - 2:48 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: A group of COVID-positive students staying at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi’s campus quarantine centre have made a video on life in isolation and the facilities available to them. The idea was to encourage the student community to “be brave and be strong”, “not panic about COVID situation” and not hesitate to seek help if they think they have caught the virus. One student said there are five students at the centre now, all with COVID-19 but recovering.

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Research scholar, Rahul Jaiswal starts it off by describing how he came to be at the centre. Jaiswal says he went to the IIT Delhi hospital with “corona symptoms” and was advised to get an RT-PCR test. While he waited for the report, he was in isolation at Gulmohar hostel. The report arrived two days later and he was shifted to the isolation centre.

Next, fellow student in isolation, Venkatesh offers a tour of the isolation centre’s spartan kitchen which has steam inhalers, an electric kettle and the fixings for tea -- tea-bags, sugar, milk power. Meals are delivered through a window. There’s soap to clean up and sanitisers.

To monitor their oxygen saturation levels, they have three oximeters and the doctor checks in twice daily. In a large ventilated hall, they have beds and chairs and also carrom and chess boards and a television to help them pass the time.

Thanking the doctors, IIT Delhi staff and the Gulmohar mess manager, a student said: “Don't panic about covid situation. If you have any symptoms, go to the IIT hospital and they are taking good care of us. Be brave and be strong."

The IIT Delhi director, Ramgopal Rao, who shared the video on YouTube and other platforms said the “institute will do everything possible to make it easier for you”.

IIT Delhi had halted the return of students to campus in April, as the number of COVID-19 was rising sharply on campus. Later, it had even allowed students to go home as their quarantine centre on campus had filled up. One student even passed away at home. Following a survey conducted among students -- not just about their own health but also that of their family-members -- the institute announced a slew of measures to relieve stress, including relaxing its evaluation criteria.

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