CDS 1 written exam 2023 on April 16; subject-wise revision tips

The 2023 website is hosting the UPSC CDS 1 2023 admit card.

CDS 1 written exam 2023 on April 16; subject-wise revision tips UPSC CDS 2023 revision tips
Mridusmita Deka | Apr 10, 2023 - 3:36 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is set to conduct the CDS 1 written exam on April 16, 2023. Candidates can check these revision tips to ace UPSC CDS 1 written exam. The 2023 website is hosting the UPSC CDS 1 2023 admit card.

CDS exam is held for the admission of candidates to Indian Military Academy (IMA Dehradun), Indian Naval Academy (INA Ezhimala), Air Force Academy (Hyderabad), and Officers’ Training Academy (OTA Chennai). Candidates will be recruited as Commissioned Officers in the Defence after the successful conclusion of their training period.

Providing ways to revise for CDS 1 written exam, Abhishek Lahkar, Polity Expert and Senior Faculty at BYJU'S Exam Prep said: “We will not advise the oral revision method until it is General Knowledge. Also, for efficient revision, we advise you to make GK sticky notes and paste them on your study table or board or anywhere in your room.”

“Placing these notes, and formulas in front of your eyes all the time will help you learn the GK more easily than trying to mug them. For other subjects like Maths and English always revise intermittently,” Lahkar added.

Below are the revision tips as shared by Lahkar and strategies for the CDS 1 2023 exam. Here are the subject-wise revision strategies for the CDS exam.

General Knowledge and Awareness Revision Tips

● Current Affairs have a good weightage and many questions can be asked from this part, so the importance of the section can’t be ignored.

● Students must go through the last six months current affairs, along with that important awards, important books and authors, places in the news, persons in the news, important sports tournaments, and information related to important world organizations like G7, G20 Summits, ASEAN, UN Security Council etc should be studied for last year as well.

● For general science, Aspirants must go through the basic questions of physics, chemistry and biology.

● For history, focus on modern history (Indian Freedom Struggle, Gandhian Era, Social Reforms, Revolt of 1857, Newspapers, Social Reforms), Medieval History (Mughal, Delhi Sultanate, Art and Culture, Administration), Ancient History (Indus Valley Civilization, Buddhism, Jainism, Gupta Era, Harsha Dynasty, Maurya, Magadha)

● For geography, focus on physical geography (Composition of Earth, Latitude & Longitude, Physiography, Mountains and Passes, Grasslands, Landforms, Clouds), and Indian Geography (Rivers, Glaciers, Mountain Peaks, Dams).

● For the Economy, focus on a 5-year plan, Budget, Economic Survey, basic economic terms, economic theory, unemployment, and WTO.

● For Political Science, focus on Sources of the Constitution, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties, and Articles of the Constitution.

Elementary Mathematics Revision Tips

● This section will give you good marks if you’ve prepared well with a good strategy.

● Prepare the arithmetic part well.

● Important topics from the Maths Section are Percentage, Simple Interest & Compound Interest, Profit and Loss, Time & Work, Pipes and Cistern ( Moderate level questions from this topic), LCM, HCF, Square root, Number System, Statistics, and Graphs etc.

● It is expected that the level of questions would be Easy.

English Revision Tips

● This section will give you good marks if you prepare well with a good strategy.

● Some important topics are Antonyms/Synonyms, Fill in the blanks, Reading Comprehension, Idioms and Phrases, Error Spotting

● Importance of Revision for CDS 1 2023 Exam

● The most important phase of preparation is Revision. If the topics that you studied earlier are not properly revised, it is as good as not studied. The revision will help you memorize everything that you studied months back.

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