CTET Exam Analysis 2021 for December 21; Check memory based questions, difficulty level

CBSE has conducted CTET 2021 exam today and as per the CTET exam analysis 2021, the difficulty level of the paper was moderate.

CTET Exam Analysis 2021 for December 21; Check memory based questions, difficulty level
Prabakaran K | Dec 21, 2021 - 5:05 p.m. IST
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New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education conducted the CTET 2021 exam today. According to the CTET 2021 exam analysis, the exam was moderate in difficulty level. The examination was held in a computer-based mode and candidates can get the CTET 2021 memory-based question here.

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Candidates who appeared in the CTET 2021 exam did not face any technical glitches during the examination. It is important to know the CTET exam analysis 2021 to get an overall idea about the examination. Candidates can check the detailed CTET 2021 paper analysis below.

CTET exam analysis 2021: Paper 2 (December 21)

As per the CTET 2021 exam analysis based on the candidate’s feedback, the paper was moderate;y difficult. None of the questions were out of the box and most of the questions were from the CTET 2021 syllabus. The questions on Child Development & Pedagogy were tricky. The expected total number of good attempts is 115+.

CTET 2021 question paper: Memory-based (Paper 2)

1. Which of the following practice by a teacher is detrimental to a constructive teaching-learning process?

A) Giving black stars to motivate non-performing students.

B) Assessing learning using multiple modes.

C) Being sensitive and considerate to the social context of learners.

D) Considering students' pace of learning while assigning them work.

2. Children learn in a ______ way and not in a _____ way?

A) Unstructured, Constructive

B) Linear, Spinal

C) Mechanistic, Constructive

D) Spiral, Linear

3. Mushroom rocks are formed due to exosomal work of which of the following?

A) Ice Glacier B) Rivers C) Sea Waves D) Winds

4. Which method of soil conservation is most suitable in the coastal & dry region?

A) Rock Dam B) Mulching C) Shelter Belts D) Terrace Forming

5. Indian language in education policy is known as

A) Multilingual education

B) Three language formula

C) Mother tongue medium education

D) Regional long Education

6. शब्दकोष देखने की आदत का विकास ________ में सहायक है।

A) शब्द-भंडार का विकास

B) व्याकरणिक कोटियों के ज्ञान

C) शब्द के अनेक अर्थ-ज्ञान

D) मौखिक अभिव्यक्ति के विकास

7. स्किनर के अनुसार भाषा ______ का विषय है।

A) सृजन B) अनुकरण C) वाद-विवाद D) लिपि

CTET 2021 exam analysis: Paper 1 (December 21)

In the Hindi language, there were two passages consisting of 10 questions from each passage i.e. total of 20 questions and 10 were from the general Hindi language. Similarly in the English language, 10 questions were asked from one passage, 10 questions from a poem, and 10 questions from general English.

The rest of the sections in the CTET 2021 exam are Child Development and Pedagogy, EVS, and Mathematics consist of 30 questions each. In CDP and EVS questions were easy and mathematics was easy to moderate in difficulty level. The expected total number of good attempts is 110+.

CTET 2021 students review (Paper 1)

Deepa said that she had prepared for the CTET 2021 exam without the coaching centre assistance. According to her, the overall difficulty level was Moderate. The level of CTET 2021 paper 1 is difficult as compared with the previous year and none of the questions were repeated.

As per Chandni, “the difficulty level of CTET 2021 exam was easy to moderate. According to her, all five sections were easy - Language 1, Language 2, Child Development and Pedagogy, Environmental Studies and Mathematics.

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CTET question paper 2021: Memory-based (Paper I)

1. पढ़ना सीखने की प्रक्रिया में साहित्य ______ के रूप में कार्य करता है।

A) प्रामाणिक स्रोत B) प्रेरणात्मक स्रोत C) बाधक तत्व D) अतिरिक्त बोझ

2. The main role of children literature at the primary level is ______

A) It's simple and easy B) It's full of colorful pictures C) It provides a variety of language D) It’s taught in school

3. Phoneme refers to

A) Minimal meaningful units B) Verbs in a language C) Sound in a language D) Grammatical structure of a language

4. Consider the following statements about nepenthes.

A) This plant can trap and eat insect food and …

B) This plant is not found in our country

C) This plant emits a pleasant sound to attract insects

D) It has a picture-like shape with a mouth covered with a leaf. Any insect that lands on its mouth gets trapped and cannot get out.

Which of the above statements is correct:

A) a, b & c B) a & b only C) a, c & d only D) a & d

5. All surfaces of a solid shape are congruent to each other. This shape cannot be a:

A) Octahedron B) Cube C) Triangular prism D) Tetrahedron

6. A 120 cm long wire is formed into a rectangle whose length is 2 cm more than its breadth. What will be the area of the rectangle?

A) 120 cm B) 900 cm C) 240 cm D) 899 cm

7. Which of the following is not an example of scaffolding by the teacher

A) Modelling skills for imitation B) Peer tutoring C) Prompts & cues D) Rote memorization

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About CTET 2021

CTET 2021 is being conducted from December 16 in online computer-based mode. The month-long CTET exam will end on January 13, 2022. The CTET exam 2021 will be conducted in two shifts in two shifts every day.

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