IIT Madras hosts CFI Open House 2023; Showcases 70 student-led tech projects

The innovation spans a diverse field which includes 3D printing, astronomy, AI or ML, drones, autonomous vehicles, hyperloop and techno-entertainment.

IIT Madras hosts CFI Open House 2023; Showcases 70 student-led tech projects Team GAIA, Aforestation, Aero Club at the CFI Open House 2023 (Image: Official Release)
Arpita Das | Mar 12, 2023 - 5:43 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, Centre for Innovation (CFI) showcased over 70 tech projects during the annual Open House held today, March 12, 2023.

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The CFI Open House 2023 featured innovative projects spanning a diverse field, ranging from 3D printing, astronomy and AI or ML to drones, autonomous vehicles, hyperloop and techno-entertainment.

The new products that were displayed this year include an electric powered formula race car; a purely solar-powered electric vehicle; a fish-like biomimetic robot that mimics a real fish’s movements using soft robotics; an autonomous beach cleaning robot which efficiently removes debris from a beach's surface preserving its natural beauty; a glove that provides a sensation of force, temperature, and texture for immersive virtual reality; a drone for afforestation in difficult-to-reach areas; a 3D printer that directly uses environment-friendly pellets instead of manufactured PLA fibres; a community application for the entire student body at IITM and an AI DJ.

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Congratulating the students on their innovations, Professor V Kamakoti, Director, IIT Madras, said, “For any country to become a technology superpower; entrepreneurship and innovation are extremely important. IIT Madras is committed to this effort through the Centre for Innovation (CFI). What you witnessed during the CFI Open House were several demonstrations by our students on innovative ideas that could translate into a product of great societal importance.”

Professor Prabhu Rajagopal, Faculty Advisor, CFI-IIT Madras, said, “The CFI is IIT Madras’ very own ‘maker space’ and a nation-wide pioneering academic body of this type, set up over 15 years ago to foster student innovation and ‘learning by doing’, primarily through funds from IIT Madras alumni. Today, CFI reaches a vast majority of the undergraduate students of the campus and also a good number of post-graduates. With 15 clubs dedicated to hobby activities, six competition teams and several ‘spinal’ or support teams today, CFI has become the burgeoning fulcrum of innovation activities at IIT Madras, tackling problems ranging from water logging in the city and secure elections to space exploration, electric and mass mobility.”

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The students also shared their experiences working on CFI Open House 2023. As per them, CFI is an inspiring place to be in. It is a wonderful place to work every day with all the bright minds from the institute who are passionate about innovation. As per the students CFI allows them to see the potential that can be achieved in technology.

Krishma Mehta, Hrishav Das, (2nd year, Aerospace Engineering, Aero Club), said, “Through my SIP (Student Innovation Program), I discovered a variety of opportunities, ranging from technical skills to team management and even obtaining a patent. Our team members’ enthusiasm and dedication were critical to our success. I am looking forward to seeing where this project takes us.”

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“It gave me a chance to practically implement what I learnt in classes and opportunities to work on technology I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. The people I work with in CFI are brilliant individuals and such a culmination of a talented set of people working together towards one goal leads to great results in innovation. Working in a competition team in CFI has not only helped me hone my technical skills, but also my management and communication skills, while also developing a great work ethic”, said Jaayanth SK, (2nd year, Engineering Design, Team AgniRath).

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