GATE 2022 Syllabus for ECE; Check important topics to score high

IIT KGP has released the GATE ECE syllabus 2022 at Get GATE syllabus for EC and other important topics here.

GATE 2022 Syllabus for ECE; Check important topics to score high
Mohit Dhyani | Jan 19, 2022 - 12:55 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur has released the GATE 2022 syllabus for Electronics and Communication Engineering at Applicants preparing for the exam must refer to the GATE syllabus ECE for their preparations. IIT Kharagpur GATE 2022 will be conducted on February 5, 6, 12 and 13 in online mode. Applicants can check GATE 2022 important topics and topic–wise weightage for Electronics and Communication Engineering here.

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GATE Syllabus 2022 For Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)


Topics to be Covered in GATE ECE

Engineering Mathematics

  • Linear Algebra

  • Calculus

  • Complex Analysis

  • Probability and Statistics

  • Differential Equations

Networks, Signals and Systems

  • Circuit analysis

  • Discrete-time signals

  • Continuous-time signals


  • Maxwell's equations

  • Poynting vector

  • Plane waves and properties

  • Transmission lines

  • Smith chart

  • Rectangular and circular waveguides

Electronic Devices

  • Energy bands in intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors

  • Carrier transport

  • P-N junction, Zener diode, BJT, MOS capacitor, MOSFET, LED, photodiode, and solar cell.

Analog Circuits

  • Diode circuits

  • BJT and MOSFET amplifiers

  • Op-amp circuits

  • Schmitt triggers

  • Oscillators

Control Systems

  • Basic control system components

  • Feedback principle

  • Transfer function

  • Transient and steady-state analysis of LTI systems

  • Bode and root-locus plots

  • State variable model and solution of state equation of LTI systems.

Digital Circuits

  • Number representations

  • Combinatorial circuits

  • Sequential circuits

  • Data converters

  • Semiconductor memories: ROM, SRAM, DRAM.

  • Computer organization


  • Random processes: autocorrelation and power spectral density, properties of white noise, filtering of random signals through LTI systems.

  • Analog communications

  • Digital communications

  • Fundamentals of error correction, Hamming codes, CRC.

GATE 2022 EC paper comprises both MCQs and numerical answer types questions. The exam will be conducted for 180 minutes in online mode.

GATE 2022 admit card has been released on January 15 at Applicants can download their GATE admit card 2022 through their credentials. Candidates appearing for the examination must follow all the GATE exam day guidelines.

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