AEEE 2021: Last minute preparation tips for phase 2 exam

Amrita University will conduct AEEE phase 2 from June 11 to 14 in remote proctored mode. With only a few days left, candidates may find the AEEE preparation tips here.

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Ridhi.Khurana | Jun 9, 2021 - 11:59 a.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is going to conduct AEEE 2021 phase 2 from June 11 to 14. AEEE 2021 exam is due in a few days, thus, this time is important for candidates who are going to appear in phase 2 examination. Here are some AEEE preparation tips for candidates appearing in the second phase.

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AEEE 2021: Tips for last minute preparation

  • Go through all the important formulae, derivations, chemical reactions that have been repetitively asked in the previous sessions.

  • Revise the major topics with focus on the minor details.

  • For those candidates who have prepared short notes during AEEE 2021 preparation, this is the right time to revise those 2-3 times a day.

  • Practice April session’s AEEE question paper if available and know the topics that need to be brushed up on an urgent basis.

  • If that is not available, AEEE mock tests are the best option to practice on expected AEEE 2021 questions.

AEEE 2021 Memory-based questions asked in April session

Question - Electromagnetic waves passed through,

a) Only ether

b) Vacuum

c) Only Air

d) Only Materials

Question - If a light is polarized by reflection, then what is the angle between the refractive and refraction?





Question - Which of the following works based on Pascal's law?

a) Hydraulic lift

b) Carnot machine

c) Screw Gauge

d) Vernier Caliper

Question - Through a cylindrical conductor, a steady current passes, what will happen?

Question - The error radius of the sphere is 4%, then what is the measurement of the volume?

Question - Which of the following is a nucleophile?

a) CH3OH


c) Co2

d) Ch3HO

Question - The partial hydrolysis of XeF4 is?

a) XeOF2

b) XeF2

c) Xe3F

d) XeOF

Question - Which of the following have more number of molecules in water?

a) 1.8g of water

b) 18g of water

c) 18 moles of water

d) 18 molecules of water

Question - When Glucose reacts with a mild agent of bromide water, gives?

a) Bromic acid

b) Gluconic acid

c) Bulconic acid

d) Bromide

Question - If set A has 3 elements, then P(A) is?

a) 8

b) 2n

c) 4

d) 2

Question - The sum of the first two terms of G.P is 30. The sum of infinity terms of G.P is 40. What is the common ratio?

Question - If a fair coin is tossed five times, what is the probability of getting head in all tosses?

a) 1/32

b) 5/32

c) 7/27

d) 7/32

Question - You should take ______ umbrella as it might rain.

a) no article

b) A

c) An

d) The

Question - Synonyms: Benign

a) Kind

b) Cruel

c) Happy

d) Sad

Question - Caesar was courageous of all ancient roman times. (Antonyms)

a) Tough

b) Fearless

c) Timid

d) Brave

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