IIT Delhi start-up launches AC filters to curb indoor air pollution

IIT Delhi start-up launches AC filters to curb indoor air pollution
atul.krishna | Jun 4, 2019 - 6:20 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI, JUNE 4: Nasofilters, a national award-winning start-up consisting of IIT Delhi faculty and alumni, has come up with a quick-fix solution to tackle indoor pollution through your AC.

The start-up announced its new product, Nanoclean AC filter, that utilizes nanotechnology-based non-woven structures to trap dangerous particulate matter. It is a do-it-yourself product that has no impact on AC performance or load.

Reports published by several international bodies including the World Health Organization has shown that indoor air pollution is as much of a health hazard as outdoor pollution. Nanoclean AC filter addresses this problem by converting ACs into air purifiers through a simple, easy-to-do procedure. It can be fixed onto the plastic mesh screen of a window A/C or split AC without requiring any customization.

The filters are made from a lightweight material called polypropylene which can be melted and recycled into other products. The fabric structure of the filters is a proprietary technology of Nasofilters.

Nasofilters’ founder Prateek Sharma, and co-founders Tushar Vyas and Jatin Kewlani assure the product to be as effective as a branded air purifier while costing only a portion of that. “ The way an AC works is that it circulates the air inside the room, cools it and then sends it back. Nanoclean filters can cut down the PM 2.5 particles, smog, pollen and dust. Just running the AC for an hour will clean the air by 90%,” says Sharma.

The Nanoclean AC filters are an affordable alternative to air purifiers with each pack costing only Rs 399. The product has a lifetime of one or two months after which it has to be changed.

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