SC verdict brings relief to JEE Main 2020 aspirants

SC verdict brings relief to JEE Main 2020 aspirants
Satyendra Singh | Jun 26, 2020 - 5:55 p.m. IST
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New DELHI: The Supreme Court (SC) verdict on pending CBSE Class 12 exams has brought great relief to students preparing for JEE Main 2020. As the students now don’t have to appear for the remaining board exams, they can single-mindedly prepare for JEE Main without having to worry about their pending Class 12 exams. This would certainly help students to prepare well, but, to make the best out of it, put in place a strategic preparation plan.

The other good part is that the students have an additional three months’ time to prepare due to the postponement of JEE Main 2020 from April to July. This can help them in completing the syllabus and also do some extra preparation. Check out these preparation tips to get an extra edge in your studies.

Practice previous years’ JEE Main question papers
Previous years’ question papers are very helpful in understanding the difficulty level of questions. Solve at least 5 years’ question papers and you will have an idea about what type of questions are asked in the exam and your preparation level. Solving previous year question papers will also help you in analysing your preparation level and how much you need to prepare.

Take full-length JEE Main mock tests
Mock tests are a must for all aspirants to evaluate their performance and preparation. Take mock tests as if you're attempting the real exam in three hours. Evaluate your mistakes, note them down and work on them. Practise at least 2 mock tests daily after you complete your entire syllabus.

Practice time management
Most students complain they cannot complete the entire paper even when they know the answers. This is because of poor time management. Students should not give more than the required time to any question that they cannot solve.It will reduce the time for other questions which you may be able to solve easily.

Revise important topics
Students must revise all the important topics regularly to keep themselves updated. Make a short note of all the important topics and revise them whenever you get free time. You can also make a chart of all important points and paste them in your study room to revise them on the go.

Strengthen the basic concepts
Exams like JEE Main tests the basic understanding of candidates. Questions in JEE Main are designed in a way to make students think, analyse, evaluate and solve. And to crack JEE Main you need to have a thorough understanding of basic principles and concepts.

JEE Main 2020 latest update

As per the current schedule, National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct JEE Main 2020 from July 18 to 23. However, with no sign of improvement in Covid-19 cases, students are demanding further postponement of the exam till the situation improves.

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