NID DAT 2021: Five important tips to crack exam

Know the five tips to crack the NID Design Aptitude Test which is scheduled to be held on March 14.

NID DAT 2021: Five important tips to crack exam
Lilina Naorem | Mar 11, 2021 - 5:29 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: National Institute of Design will conduct NID DAT 2021 on March 14 to offer admission to the design aspirants in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. NID Design Aptitude Test (NID DAT) 2021 will be held in pen and paper mode in 23 cities across the nation. With only four days left for the exam, students are gearing up to tackle one of the most competitive design entrance test.

Candidates should have a clear strategy in place that can be executed during the entrance test. Candidates are advised to start revising all the topics they have already prepared.

It is significant to remain calm and follow an effective exam strategy to sail through the exam. Careers360 brings here the five tips to crack the NID DAT 2021.

Time Management

As there is a set time limit to complete the entrance exam, students must manage time during the test. Do not juggle multiple things at the same time. Prioritize the important things and stay focused.

Do not ponder in one question

Make a time frame to answer each question and section. If it takes more time in solving one question then leave the question and proceed to the next problem immediately.

Practice mock test

Participate in mock tests from various sources and analyze the performance. Every mock test must be the indicator to figure out the area where the student needs to improve.

Think out of the box

Be creative and get off the beaten track. Improve observation and visualization skills. To create new concepts observe the surrounding and get 3D visualization of the idea before it is penned down on the paper.

Stay fit

It is significant for the candidates to stay mentally fit and healthy before the exam. Aspiring candidates must have a good diet and take proper rest to perform well during the exam.

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