‘Exams come and go, we have to live life’: PM Modi shares tips to avoid cheating, distraction during PPC 2023

Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023: PM Modi shared tips on time management, hard work; exam strategy for average students, and how to take criticism positively.

‘Exams come and go, we have to live life’: PM Modi shares tips to avoid cheating, distraction during PPC 2023 PM Modi during PPC 2023 (Source: Official link)
Vagisha Kaushik | Jan 27, 2023 - 1:47 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: "Exams will come and go, we have to live life," said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing students appearing for board exams 2023 during Pariksha Pe Charcha (PPC) 2023 today. The sixth edition of PPC 2023 for students, parents, and teachers was held at Talkatora stadium in New Delhi. This year, over 38 lakh students registered for the event. PPC 2023 live updates.

PM Modi asked students not to cheat in exams and work hard but smartly. He told students not to be a slave to gadgets. The PM urged parents not to criticize their children and requested teachers to be friendly with students.

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Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023: Key highlights

Time management: You spend most of your time on the subjects you like. Study the subject you don’t like for 30 minutes and then the subject you like, for 20 minutes, and so on. Prepare a slab like this. Find out the solution easily.

Giving the example of a mother, PM Modi asked students to observe their mothers and learn time management from them. “She doesn’t feel tired because she knows she has to do this work in these hours. In extra time, she does creative work. Observe her activities, and learn the importance of time management,” said PM Modi. He added that micro management is required and asked students to distribute properly which subject needs how much time.

How to prevent unfair means, cheating: PM Modi expressed happiness that students also want to find a solution for unfair means, cheating, and malpractices in the exam. Modi said that laborious students are majorly stressed about it. Many students focus on preparing for cheating instead of focussing on studies. “Using that creativity in learning would have helped them better,” he said.

"Life doesn’t end at one exam. In how many exams, will you cheat," he asked. Those who cheat might pass one exam and get marks but won’t be able to make a life. “You will probably be stuck in life,” he said. Those students who work hard need to know that their efforts will help them keep growing in life. “The power inside you will take you forward. Exams come and go, we have to live life,” he added. Shortcut will cut you short, PM Modi said.

Hard work or smart work: PM Modi said that the story of ‘Thirsty Crow’ teaches us how to work hard but smartly. He advised students to understand the work in detail first. He asked to address the specific area to achieve something. “Focus on a particular area such as wicket keeper, baller, they do hard work but smartly,” he said.

Tips for average students to prepare for exam: PM Modi congratulated the students on knowing that they are average. “The day we know our capacity and potential, we can achieve a lot. Knowing your capacity is a god’s gift to you,” he said. He asked parents to calculate students in the right way.

Talking about average students, the prime minister said that ordinary people do unordinary things. India which was called average is shining in the world today. “We should not be under the pressure that we are not extraordinary. Average people have extraordinary potential and extraordinary people possess ordinary qualities,” he added.

How to face challenges, criticism: According to PM Modi, criticism is important. It depends on who the critique is. You take the criticism from the loved ones positively, he said. PM Modi requested parents to interrupt students on small issues.

“Ignore the criticism and don’t leave your focus. It takes a lot of efforts to criticise someone. Take it positively, it will help us in our lives. If we are honest, we won’t worry about it,” he further said.

How to avoid distraction from gadgets: PM Modi told students that they have to decide who is smarter, gadget or them. He said that it is an instrument which increases your capability. According to him, gadget makes us slaves. We cannot live like that. We should be aware if we are its slaves and should test ourselves continuously. PM Modi suggested digital fasting one day in a week.

How to prevent stress: The reason for stress is achieving good results for which we end up lying about performance in exams, said PM Modi. The second reason for stress is friends and competition with them. “Life doesn’t stop at one station, if one train is missed, another will come. We should take oath to fight the stress,” he added.

Towards the end of Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised students to learn at least two sentences of every language apart from their own mother tongue. He advised teachers to cultivate a strong bond with students and requested parents to let students explore life and be to different places.

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