"This country hates us": Anger online as IIT Guwahati rape-accused gets bail

IIT Guwahati: The student was granted bail despite prima facie case of rape because according to Guwahati HC, he is "state’s future asset".

"This country hates us": Anger online as IIT Guwahati rape-accused gets bail People complaint as IIT Guwahati rape-accused gets bail
Vagisha Kaushik | Aug 23, 2021 - 7:41 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: The Gauhati High Court has granted bail to a student of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati who raped a fellow student. The court said that both the students are “state’s future assets”. The victim is a student studying in second year of chemical engineering at IIT Guwahati.

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People have started complaining on Twitter as the decision came up. While some are mocking the judicial system of the country, others are saying that this interprets that IITs are giving students a license to rape. Some students have also condemned such “talent”.

A Twitter user said: “Has this country and its judicial system gone completely insane!!! How can the law and it's interpretation be so horribly skewed against humanity and a human right for protecting her own honour???? This is an absolute abomination... @indSupremeCourt @DoJ_India @IITGuwahati.”

Another Twitter user said: “state future asset is really so talented Clapping hands signif these are the state future asset then we can predict the future of state and Is everyone is equal infront of law or iit talented students have privileges to do so?we can say that talented people can do crime? #IITGuwahati”

“What useful is talent of a Rapist? This Dangerous judgement isn't going to help society in anyway. But will promote Rapists because they know they will get way with Rape because our law favours one who does Crime not the victim. #IITGuwahati #rape #Guwahatihc,” a Twitter user observed.

Another Twitter user said: “One of many reasons for rape being so prevalent in India. We do not take it seriously or with the same contempt. We elect rapists, we worship rapists, we enable rapists. #IITGuwahati.”

Another Twitter user said: “As a recruiter, if I am hiring from @IITGuwahati, how will I know, I am not hiring this guy...A Potential Danger for any employer.”

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