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JEE Main 2019 Paper 2 - Live Updates

Tue, 08/01/2019 - 17:51:04 IST

NEW DELHI, JANUARY 8: National Testing Agency (NTA) successfully conducted the Main 2019 paper II on January 8 in two sessions. Since it for the first time that JEE Main is being conducted by NTA, Careers360 brings to you the live updates from the exam centre.

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JEE Main 2019 -Noon Session 

5:49 P.M: The gates have closed and all the students have come out.

5: 43 P.M: Students have started coming out of the exam centre 

5: 35 P.M: Parents waiting outside the exam centre 

5:30 P.M: JEE Main 2019 Paper 2 concludes 

​​​​​​​1:10 P.M: Candidates entering the exam hall.

1:00 P.M : Students arriving for the entrance exam for the second shift

12: 45 P.M: Entry for second shift of the exam has commenced 

12: 35 P.M: Students are coming out of the exam centre 

12: 30 P.M:  JEE Main 2019 -Paper 2 concludes 

12: 23 P.M:  Guard has come near the gate to open it 

12: 20 P.M : Students arriving at the exam centre for noon session 






Morning session

7: 30 A.M: The gate of the exam centre is closed. Students are waiting outside

7: 35 A.M: Candidates arriving at the JEE main 2019 exam centre to appear for paper two

7: 39:  Guard is making an announcement about what to carry and what not to carry inside the centre.

7:40 A.M: At one of the exam centres of JEE Main, the admit card of the students is being checked after the students enter the gate

7: 45 A.M: Students accompanied by their parents arriving at the exam centre

7: 49 A.M: Candidates with pens are being asked to leave it outside before entering the exam hall.

7: 50 A.M: Candidates coming out to keep their pens.

7:55 A.M:  Candidate is checking the JEE Main Admit Card 2019 before entering the exam centre

8:00 A.M: Students are leaving their mobile phone and any unwanted documents and gadgets with their parents

8:02 A.M: 

8:10 A.M: A group of parents are talking amongst themselves.

8:15 A.M:  Frisking of candidates is taking place inside the exam centre 

8:18 A.M: Candidates are still coming in to appear for JEE Main 2019 Paper 2

8: 30 A.M: Gates of the centre likely to close anytime 

8:45 A.M: Guard is announcing and asking the candidates to enter and carry with them the JEE Main admit card along with valid identity proof

9:01 A.M: One of the students is seen rushing towards the exam centre

9:06 A.M: At one of the exam centres of JEE Main 2019, entry time has been extended to 9:15 a.m due to the cold

9:24 A.M: Candidates still arriving at the exam centre

9:26 A.M : Candidates who arrived around this time, their entry was forbidden at the exam centre.

9:28 A.M :  Guards did not allow the student to enter the exam centre

9:29 A.M : Gates of the exam centre closed

9:30 A.M : JEE Main 2019 paper 2 begins 



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