JEE Main January 2019: How to crack the exam in 2 months?

JEE Main January 2019: How to crack the exam in 2 months?
Prabha Dhavala | Nov 10, 2018 - 6:16 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 10: Now that the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main) 2019 to be held in January is just two months away, it is imperative that the game plan for preparation should be changed according to the need of the hour. While the regular preparation is fine in its way, having just two months on your hand means you need to tweak the methodology of preparing to accommodate mock tests, revision for JEE Main and board exams as well as the practical examinations if you are going to appear for you class 12. For students who have passed their class 12th exams, it is a matter of prioritizing what has been learnt and how to effectively put it to use.

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What to do in November?

Syllabus Checklist: Use the syllabus of JEE Main 2019 to make a checklist of the important topics and tick one by one as you get done revising with them.

Short Notes: While revising, make sure to note the important formulae and points that you can use at the last minute to revise in a jiffy. These will be useful in the last days prior to the exam.

Official JEE Main Mock Test: Download the NTA released mock tests or register at the nearest practice centre. This will give you the feel of the actual exam. If you go to the practice centre, it will also give the feel of the exam day.

If you are appearing for class 12 in March, the pre-board exams will be ongoing as well as preparations for the practical examinations. Try to club the chapters that are common and prepare accordingly.

Most important – thrash all doubts. Since school will still be open, you can still get those doubts clarified from the teachers at school or even in the coaching centre you go to (if you go to one). Else check the doubts in the various forums online started by students who help one another or online experts.

How to prepare for JEE Main in December?

More Mock Testing: Well the point is to cure the exam fever and accustom you to the JEE Main environment. So it’s imperative to attack it from all fronts. Start with frequent tests, analyse and check the mistakes made. Just revise them and strengthen your concepts.

Remember however it’s just a mock test and another exam. Don’t let your emotions get haywire on account of your performance. Stay cool and calm.

Strengthen your weak areas: You must be knowing which areas you are weak in. Tackle those head on and practice till you get them right.

Health is wealth so keep an eye on your health. Try to avoid eating out and stay healthy. Get a good night’s sleep each day of the month to tackle the next day with rigour instead of burning the midnight oil and burning yourself out.

DON’T compare: At this stage, it is not advisable to talk about how much someone has done and comparisons as each person is unique and has his/her own mechanisms of dealing and equipping. Try your best.

How should preparation for JEE Main be in January?

Keep the fire on and focus: This is the last stage and here is where you should not run out of steam. Motivate yourself and remember it’s just a few days before the exam. All your hard work will bear fruition.

Drink enough water and eat well. Get adequate sleep each day. In short make sure you are in fine mettle to crack the exam and walk towards admissions in one of the prestigious institutes of the country namely IITs, NITs, IIITs and others.

Keep the JEE Main KIT ready – Well this means the admit card, ID proof and other documents ready so you don’t forget any on the day of the exam.

Check the exam centre a day before so you know how much time it takes and its exact location. It’s better to be prepared with the knowhow of the route than to get stuck in a jam or lose your way on the day of the exam.

Lastly remember, this is just an exam. Don’t get demoralised at any stage. Note that there is the silver lining in the cloud – the JEE Main April attempt if this one doesn’t go as well as you expect.

All the best!

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