Kerala Government sets up 3 commissions to plan higher education reform: Reports

Kerala’s education minister R Bindu has appointed separate commissions for higher education, universities and exams.

Kerala Government sets up 3 commissions to plan higher education reform: Reports Kerala Government Education Minister R Bindu (credit-twitter)
Abhijit Srivastava | Aug 11, 2021 - 4:24 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: Kerala’s education minister, R Bindu, has set up three commissions to plan and oversee reform in the higher education sector, reports The New Indian Express. The three commissions are Higher Education Reforms Commissions, University Law Reform Commission and Exams Reform Commission, says the report. .

The Kerala government made the announcement in the State Assembly on Tuesday. “The work has already started to establish the three commissions,” she reportedly said.

The government plans to develop 30 inter-universities centres as centres of excellence. She further added that the transformation of the seven inter-university centres, situated in five universities, are part of the first phase.

New university ranking

The seven inter-university centres include: “Inter University Centre for IPR Studies, International Commercial and Environmental Law and the Inter University Centre for Space Sciences (both in Cusat); Institute of Multidisciplinary Programme in Social Sciences and the Institute of Intensive Research in Basic Sciences (both in MG University); Inter University Centre for Renewable Energy (Kerala University) and Centre For Malabar Studies (Calicut University),” the report said.

The education minister further elaborated on a unified admission system for all state universities stating that “Students would need to submit a single application for all the universities and admission will be given on the basis of eligibility”

According to a report in The Hindu, higher education institutions in Kerala will be ranked on the basis of academics, research, citations, international affiliations and profits from industry collaboration. Their achievements over the past five years will be factored in as well.

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