LPU students invent HEXDOC robot; secure Rs 5 lakh funding from ministry of education

HEXDOC uses LiDAR and ROS for autonomous navigation, creating 3D maps, and ensuring safety in rescue operations with environmental tools and a heart rate sensor.

LPU HEXDOC [Image - Press Release]LPU HEXDOC [Image - Press Release]

Yutukuri Sai Kiran | June 10, 2024 | 02:07 PM IST

NEW DELHI: Lovely Professional University (LPU) has invented HEXDOC, an innovative robot designed to prevent accidents and collisions during construction and excavation, with a focus on tunnels and caves. Developed by the department of student research and project at LPU, HEXDOC recently secured victory at yukti innovation challenge 3.0 and received Rs 5 lakh funding from the ministry of education and smart India hackathon 2023.

HEXDOC utilises cutting-edge Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) technology and the Robot Operating System (ROS) for autonomous navigation. It creates 3D maps, navigates obstacles, and adapts its path in real-time. Its sensing unit includes environmental monitoring tools and a MAX 3012 heart rate sensor, ensuring safety and efficient rescue operations.

HEXDOC in rescue operations

HEXDOC helps keep workers safe in tight spaces like tunnels and caves during rescue operations. It improves how rescues are done by making them faster and safer for people and by giving real-time information to rescue teams.

Applications of HEXDOC

According to the press release by LPU management, HEXDOC brings about a wide array of benefits that extend across search and rescue operations. It enhances efficiency by navigating complex environments adeptly, such as tunnels, caves, and collapsed structures, significantly improving the effectiveness of rescue efforts. Moreover, its ability to access hazardous areas reduces human risk by minimising exposure to potential dangers, making it a valuable asset in disaster-stricken zones.

Additionally, HEXDOC's real-time data and communication features facilitate seamless coordination among rescue teams during critical missions. Its modular design further allows customization for various rescue scenarios, catering to the diverse needs of emergency response agencies and opening new avenues for private sector engagement and innovation.

"HEXDOC marks a major advancement in rescue technology, providing creative solutions to reduce risks and improve efficiency in tough environments. Its use ensures safer and more effective rescue operations, especially in critical locations such as tunnels and caves," the creators of HEXDOC said.

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