Top choices for pursuing hotel management internship; Know how to apply

An internship offers an opportunity to apply theory to practice. Here's how one can apply to some of the best hotels for an internship to get an edge in a career.

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Sundararajan | Jun 30, 2021 - 4:28 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: A good hotel management internship exposes students to the practical know-how of the job and trains them to make their mark in the corporate world. As part of the internship, students work in various departments such as home care, front office, food and beverage service, and kitchen. Some hospitality management courses make internships mandatory and a part of the course curriculum.

Eligibility to apply for a hotel management internship

These two skills are considered very important for selecting a student for an internship in hotel management.

  • Communication skills: Command over the language (both regional and English) and familiar with the industry.

  • Customer service skills: Ability to work under pressure and the ability to be orderly and focused on the tasks at hand.

So if you have these skills, you can easily apply for a Hotel Management Internship.

How to apply for a hotel management Internship

Contact the hotel:

  • The best way to apply for a hotel management internship is to directly contact the HR of the hotel or the training department inquiring about an internship vacancy.

  • If there is a vacancy, then send your updated resume. The HR department goes through the resume and calls you for a personal interview.

Through college:

  • The easiest way to get an internship position at a hotel is through your college. Most of the hotel management courses in India that one pursues after Class 12 include compulsory industrial training.

Top 5 choices for hotel management internship

Here is a list of the best hotels with information on how, when to apply for the internship, and the scholarships offered for students looking for hotel management internships.

1. Marriott Hotels

Hotel management students can opt for an internship at the Marriott Hotel for six months. As part of the internship, students work in various departments such as the front office, home care, food and beverage service, and kitchen.

Duration: Internship at Marriott is offered usually for six months. Candidates can apply for the internship as part of two constituencies:

  • Summer batch: June-July every year

  • Winter batch: December-January each year

Stipend offered: Rs 5,000 - Rs 6,000 per month.

2. Oberoi Hotels

Oberoi is one of the best hotel chains in India and attracts many coaches and students for internships every year. Selected students will be trained in hotel operations and will get to observe best practices at Oberoi and Trident hotels.

Duration: The internship at Oberoi usually lasts six months. However, the internship period can be reduced to 17 weeks or extended to almost a year.

  • Summer batch: Starts in May and continues for six months - February, each year.

  • Winter batch: Starts in November - September, each year.

Stipend offered: Rs 8,770 per month.

3. Leela Palaces, Hotels, and Resorts

Another good hotel to apply for an internship in the hotel management field is Leela Hotel. The hotel offers 17-week internships for students pursuing hotel management from the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) and 22-week internships for students from other colleges.

Duration: An internship at any of the Leela palaces hotels can last between 17 to 22 weeks.

  • Summer batch: Starts by June or July. Around 10 students are selected for this opportunity.

  • Winter batch: Starts in either September or October. Nearly 15 students are selected for the same.

Stipend offered: Rs 1,000 per month.

4. Taj Group of Hotels

Students have the opportunity to train in all disciplines of the Taj Group Hotel. The hotel offers four to six months of industrial training to students in all fields related to hotel management.

Duration: The internship period can range from four and a half months to 6 months. The internship is conducted in two batches:

  • Summer batch: Starts by May.

  • Winter batch: Starts in December.

Stipend offered: Rs. 1,500 per month

5. Westin Hotel & Resorts

Getting an internship at Westin Hotels and Resorts is not a cakewalk. If your college supports or recommends you, then you stand a greater chance of getting a hotel internship.

Duration: Westin hotel and resorts also offer internships in two batches:

  • Summer batch: Starts in the month of either June or July and about 60 students are selected.

  • Winter batch: Starts by September or October and around 80 students are selected for it.

Stipend offered: Rs. 1,500 per month

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