UCEED CEED 2021: Last week preparation tips

With UCEED and CEED around the corner, it is important to have a well planned and feasible exam strategy

UCEED CEED 2021: Last week preparation tips
Team Careers360 | Jan 13, 2021 - 2:21 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay will conduct the UCEED and CEED 2021 on January 17 at various exam centres. With only a few days left for Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design (UCEED) and Common Entrance Examination for Design (CEED) 2021, it is important for the candidates to have a clear cut exam strategy. Improvement in speed and revision is an imperative factor to crack UCEED and CEED 2021 with a good score.

Time management and knowing the tricks to answer with accuracy is a key to crack UCEED and CEED. Do not waste your time covering new topics in the eleventh hour, instead revise the topics which are covered before.

Know the tactic to answer each section

Every section of UCEED and CEED is important so test-takers must formulate the tactic to answer their best in each section to clear the entrance test with flying colours.

Practise UCEED and CEED mock test

Mock test has an effective significance in last-minute preparation. Candidates must take the UCEED and CEED mock test and analyse their performance. Practising the mock test gives a clear picture of the actual exam.

Balance speed and accuracy

Speed is an important factor to answer the questions within the stipulated time. However, at the same time, answering the questions accurately helps in scoring good marks. It is wiser to answer fewer questions with accurate answers than answering all the questions with the wrong response as there is a negative marking.

Stay mentally and physically fit

Give yourself rest and do not strain yourself by studying late night this week. It is imperative to stay mentally and physically fit before the exam. Avoid straining till the last minute and stay calm before the exam.

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