Challenges in creating a responsive education system; Dr. Upinder Dhar

Challenges in creating a responsive education system; Dr. Upinder Dhar
Saakshi Lama | Jul 29, 2019 - 4:17 p.m. IST
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Dr. Upinder Dhar, Vice Chancellor of Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya, speaks to Careers360 on the challenges in creating a responsive education system.

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01 Apr'22 05:00 PM to 01 Apr'22 06:00 PM IST

The Indian higher education system is the second largest in the world in terms of number of institutions and enrolments. In spite of this achievement and progress during the past couple of years, the educational institutions are facing several challenges. The key challenges include lack of high quality research and shortage of faculty leading to sub-standard outcomes like poor rate of employability skills of the students. According to industry reports (NASSCOM, CII and FICCI), only 25% of technical graduates are considered employable. It is important to focus on improving the quality of faculty and enabling research environment at the institutions. The challenge before our nation is to create and sustain an education system that is responsive to the new and dynamic environment of economic revolution.

Challenge is to transform Indian higher education to a global size and quality. Indian higher education should aim to produce graduates equipped to support the robust growth of the Indian knowledge economy through higher private sector participation in large world class university investments in India. The focus of Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya shall be on creating conducive environment for bringing together faculty and other stakeholders to work jointly groom the students. Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya shall offer great opportunity for creativity with right ambience for value-based quality education in various professional and traditional disciplines.

The Vishwavidyalaya shall provide excellent teaching learning resources and the right kind of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for developing the leaders of tomorrow. We are committed to all-round development of the students. Thus, with an industry-relevant curriculum and a strong academia–industry interface, the Vishwavidyalaya shall provide an appropriate platform to the budding professionals for entering the corporate world and contribute towards the development of the nation.

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