IIT Roorkee to organise annual Tech Fest Cognizance 2018

IIT Roorkee to organise annual Tech Fest Cognizance 2018
Abhay Anand | Mar 19, 2018 - 12:11 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI, MARCH 19: The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT Roorkee) is going to organise it annual technical fest Cognizance 2018, from March 23- March 25 this year.

The Cognizance 2018, a plethora of exciting events with the theme base on "Dreaming Discoveries". Cognizance provides ingenious students a platform for displaying their technical acumen through over broad spectrum of competitions and events conducted in it.

Our workshops help the tech-enthusiastic students to stay updated with the latest technical knowledge and the exhibitions evince the cutting-edge technology from around the globe.

Cognizance codifies Insomnia, a nocturnal coding event based on exploiting both patience and programming skills of participants; Mindsweeper, an event questioning the mettle and coding skill of the participants; and case studies denominated as AI, teAch, Blockrush, AddictEd and Artboard, and a lot more.

Cognizance also organizes robotics combat (Armageddon), drone racing both on land (Powerdrift) and in water (Poseidon), drone making competition like Aeronova, Cyborg Breakin, and Quadrone to cross the obstruction framed in robotics store competing with each other for their way to rise victorious.

Cognizance is also set to provide knowledge and skills in technical fields like ethical hacking, web development, cloud computing, app development, IoT, Mercedes engine, embedded systems, machine learning and AI through various multifaceted workshops.

Towards finance & management, Cognizance will witness BStreet, Let's Advertise, Cogni Street, workshops like Social Media Marketing, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain and a lot more which will be a traders paradise.

Cognizance will witness the incorporation of departmental events and workshops involving a paper presentation of research work conducted by participants in the presence of professors from each department of IIT Roorkee.

All the gamers are welcomed to present their gaming skill in CS, Dota, NFS, Fifa, Rubik cube and Sudoku challenges and win prize amount worth up to 6 Lakhs. Some fun and online events will also be conducted for expounding their tech-skill in chain reaction, Laser-o-Reflect, etc.

Ratan Tata, Shashi Tharoor, CNR Rao and other nobel laureates are coordinately invited for Guest Lectures to boost knowledge in their expertise area.

For the first time since its inception, Cognizance is going to introduce LitFest, where the blending of art and technology will be visualized through Blogomania, Parliamentary Debate, microfiction workshops, Rekhta Foundation's Urdu poetry workshops and many more. Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal, Piyush Mishra and AIB will amuse the audiences on 3 days techtainment nights that means a new adventure each day and night.

Cognizance agglomerates over 200 events in its store encompassing every wavelength of the technical spectrum rewarding prizes over Rs 20 lakhs and various goodies to the commendable and worthy victors. For more information regarding the events, please visit our website https://cognizance.org.in/ .

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