CAT 2020- Mistakes to avoid on exam day

CAT 2020- Mistakes to avoid on exam day
Team Careers360 | Nov 18, 2020 - 3:28 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI - The Common Admission Test (CAT) 2020 is now round the corner and now is the time that the candidate must ensure that they do not commit any mistake on the day of the exam. Since there is anxiousness about the changed CAT exam pattern, type of questions that would come and also because of prevailing situation that is caused due to COVID 19 pandemic, candidates must not let their hard work go in vain and ensure that they remain calm while answering the questions in CAT 2020 exam.

CAT 2020 - Mistakes to avoid on exam day

Some of the important points candidates should keep in mind while they appear for the CAT 2020 exam.

Do not rush while reading the questions
Since there will be less time for each section, candidates must ensure that they do not hurriedly read the questions while appearing for the CAT exam 2020. It is important to patiently read and understand the questions so that they do not miss any important information. If they will understand the question properly, then they would be able to answer with ease as they will spend less time in deciphering which is the correct option

Do not spend too much time on one question
At the first go itself, candidates will be able to gauge if he or she would be able to answer a question asked in a particular section of the CAT 2020 exam. Hence, if the question is very difficult, then the candidate should not spend too much time on it and first and foremost focus on the questions, the answers of which he is confident about as it will boost one’s confidence since the candidate will be able to answer more questions in less time.

Follow the instructions mentioned on the screen
Candidates will get to see a set instructions on the computer screen as soon as they log in to the system to take the CAT exam. Do not ignore the guidelines since it will help the candidates to know how to answer the questions in the CAT 2020 exam. Following such guidelines will help to evade any mistake which otherwise the candidate would have committed.

Do not violate the COVID 19 guidelines
The Common Admission Test is being conducted at a time when the country is engulfed by COVIS 19 pandemic. Hence the government and IIM Indore which is the conducting institute for CAT 2020 have laid down certain guidelines which the candidates are expected to follow at the test centre. Hence candidates must ensure that they maintain the prescribed social distancing, they must wear the mask and follow other related guidelines as well.

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