CAT 2021: 9 Common mistakes to avoid on IIM CAT exam day

CAT 2021 will be conducted on November 28. Know how to avoid making mistakes on the day of IIM CAT exam.

CAT 2021: 9 Common mistakes to avoid on IIM CAT exam day
Devyani Prakash | Nov 24, 2021 - 11:36 a.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: As the CAT 2021 exam is approaching nearer, candidates are busy with last minute preparation. CAT exam 2021 anxiety is being faced by a number of students. Hence, they keep searching for the tips and tricks to crack the CAT MBA exam 2021 effectively without making any mistake.

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Due to anxiety and haste on the IIM CAT 2021 exam day, candidates commit a lot of errors such as forgetting to carry something or not managing time properly. Read on to find out how to avoid such mistakes on CAT exam day.
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CAT 2021- Common Mistakes to Avoid on CAT Exam Day

1. Don’t be sleep deprived

Make sure to have a good night’s sleep before the exam. CAT is one of the toughest entrance exams in the country and the human mind and body should be fully alert while attempting the CAT exam. Candidates are advised to take a minimum of 8-10 hours of sleep so that they feel fresh for the exam and are able to attempt it attentively.

2. Don’t cram on the day of the exam

Avoid last-minute preparation on the day of the CAT 2021 entrance test. Cramming answers on the day of the exam can lower your performance and decline your brain clarity.

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3. Stick to the CAT 2021 dress code

Do not wear jewellery, any metallic ornaments, jackets or clothes having pockets. It is advised to wear sandals or slippers instead of shoes. Wearing shoes or any other covered footwear is strictly prohibited. Do not have mehendi applied on your hands, feet or elsewhere on your body.

4. Be on time

Candidates must reach the CAT 2021 exam centre before the reporting time. It is advised to come 10-15 minutes earlier to the exam centre on the exam day to be on the safer side.

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5. Carry the required documents

Make sure to carry all the required documents for example any applicable certificates such as category certificates. It is mandatory for the candidate to be carrying their admit card. Do not forget to carry multiple copies of the CAT admit card 2021 and don’t make the mistake of carrying only one copy.

6. Concentrate on yourself

Candidates tend to lose focus once they are seated in the IIM CAT exam hall. Don’t keep looking at the other students around you. Make sure you focus only on yourself and your work. Looking at what others are doing will make you lose a lot of time which you can’t afford. Time is precious. Make sure to not compare yourself with what others are doing. Do not compare your speed, your way of attempting the paper or anything else with others around you. Stay focused on your paper and concentrate on your CAT entrance exam.

6. Manage your time during CAT 2021 exam effectively

Candidates will not be given more than three hours to solve the CAT. Hence, in order to solve the three given sections, only 40 minutes per section will be given. Candidates must go according to a pre-planned organized schedule regarding how to solve the CAT question as per the sectional timing. Make sure to divide the 40 minutes given per section for reading, attempting as well as revision.

7. Don’t get stuck on questions

If you find any question hard or confusing, do not waste your time on it. Carry on with the other questions, attempt them quickly and come back to the difficult ones later. Know which questions you have to attempt first.

8. Don’t lose patience while reading the CAT 2021 question paper

Candidates make the common mistake of reading the CAT exam question paper in a hurry, thinking that they will save time. Rather than saving time, they end up wasting a lot of time because reading in a hurry makes them not register or forget or misunderstand what they had read and they have to keep coming back to it. Read patiently.

9. Don’t panic

The most important point to be kept in mind is to not panic. It is common to feel anxious during CAT 2021 preparation and during CAT 2021 exam but make sure not to panic. In case of extreme stress before or during the CAT exam, take a deep breath and get back to your preparation/paper with a positive go-getter attitude.

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