Students divided on CBSE new pattern for Class 10, 12 2021

CBSE Board Exam 2021-22: The new CBSE exam policy involves two exams, reduced syllabus, changed paper pattern and possible online exams.

Students divided on CBSE new pattern for Class 10, 12 2021 CBSE Class12 latest news: CBSE new pattern for class 12 2021 was announced on Monday.
R. Radhika | Jul 6, 2021 - 12:03 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: The new exam pattern for Class 10 and Class 12 announced by the Central Board of Secondary Education, or CBSE, on Monday, has evoked mixed responses in students.

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While some students are thankful for the alternative method and the opportunity to take CBSE board exams amid an ongoing pandemic, others are skeptical about how it will be implemented.

As per the CBSE new pattern for Class 12 2021, the exam will be held twice a year with a reduced syllabus, one exam for each term. The syllabus for the CBSE board examination will be rationalized, similar to that of the last academic session, and will be notified in July 2021.

The exams, proposed to be conducted in November-December 2021 in offline mode, will have multiple-choice questions (MCQ) for a duration of 90 minutes. The question papers will be sent by the CBSE to schools along with the marking scheme.

Several school students have expressed their concern about MCQ-based questions that leave no margin for error as compared to subjective answers. Also, the announcement of an entirely new CBSE paper pattern has stoked anxiety of students ill-prepared for exams amid the pandemic.

If the COVID-19 situation does not improve, CBSE has also proposed to conduct the exam in online mode. Many students argued that the online exams will lead to “mass cheating” and “online streaming” of answers compromising the results.

At the end of the second term, the CBSE plans to organise term two or year-end examinations based on the 50 percent rationalised syllabus. Against the cancellation of exams, several students lauded the board’s effort to come up with an alternative.

CBSE new exam pattern: Students in favour

Commending the new pattern for Class 12 board exams, a student wrote: “Truly appreciate @cbseindia29 's decision. It has laid down solutions for all possible situations thus completely eliminating the option of exam cancellation. This was much needed and is definitely a student friendly decision.

Another student requested CBSE to release the exam schedule on time and not cancel this proposed exam method. “I support @cbseindia29 on their latest decision on board examination. But it is a humble request that do not create uncertainty in the examination date. Pre-decided and don't change it further. This kind of uncertainty creates unnecessary pressure on students,” he wrote.

Elaborating on the benefits of the new pattern, a student wrote: “Think about it carefully, they reduced syllabus, giving half of the board marks as mcq, and literally asking for only 50% syllabus exam in finals? think about it as an absolute win situation... Why is everyone upset? if anyone has any thoughts please do share them.”

A Class 12 student praised the two-semester exam and the moderation policy as a perfect compromise to be able to write exams during an ongoing pandemic. “As a student of Grade 12th , I think it will be beneficial for us to give 2 semester-based board exams! Questions may be asked deep down in the book but we have to consider CBSE’s moderation policy for Paper-Making in this pandemic situation!” the student wrote.

“For the first time, in the span 1½ years, I am actually proud of how CBSE has handled this situation regarding conduction of Board examinations amidst everything happening in the world [right now].. well done [CBSE], '' wrote another student.

New CBSE exam pattern: Students against

While many were accepting the new pattern, some students were against the idea of writing two exams instead of one after the Class 12 board exams were cancelled in June. A student accused CBSE of putting undue pressure on students.

Another student said that the online mode of exam will compromise the results as it will lead to mass cheating.

Another tweet argued that the announcement has come late for an exam that will be conducted in November. “#CBSE when you introduce a new methodology don't apply to the current academic year but instead to the next academic year so that students and teachers are used to that. This announcement just before three months is not good.”

Some were unhappy about the MCQ-based question paper replacing a theory-based paper.

Others joked about being the “experiment batch” to have been forced to write an entirely new pattern CBSE board exam.

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