JEE Main 2021: Know important topics to revise in physics

Candidates preparing for the upcoming JEE Main 2021 exam can check the list of important topics to revise in Physics.

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Isha Jain | May 17, 2021 - 10:29 a.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: The National Testing Agency (NTA) announced the postponement of JEE Main 2021 April and May exams at The decision to postpone JEE Main 2021 for April and May sessions was taken due to a surge in coronavirus cases across the country. Since the JEE Main 2021 aspirants now have extra time to prepare for the entrance test, they can check some of the important physics topics to revise in order to boost the preparation.

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JEE Main 2021: Booster topics for Physics



Physics and Measurement

Physical quantity

System of unit

Practical units


Frequency, angular frequency, angular velocity, velocity gradient

Work Energy and Power

Nature of Work Done

Work done by variable force

Kinetic energy

Potential energy

Potential energy curve

Rotational Motion

Center of mass

Position of centre of mass for solid cone

Motion of the centre of mass

Equations of Linear Motion and Rotational Motion.


Properties of Solids and Liquids

Stokes' law & Terminal Velocity

Surface energy

Excess pressure inside a liquid drop & soap bubble

Thermal stress and thermal strain


Kinetic theory of Gases

States of matter

Gas laws(I)

Ideal gas equation

Various types of speeds of ideal gases

Kinetic energy of ideal gas

Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating currents

Magnetic flux

Faraday's law of induction

Motional Electromotive force(I)

AC voltage applied to an inductor

Motional Electromotive force(II)

Communication Systems

Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves

Amplitude Modulation

Experimental skills

To compare emf of two given primary cells using potentiometer

To measure the thickness of the given sheet using screw gauge

To measure the diameter of small spherical cylindrical body using Vernier Callipers

To determine resistance of a galvanometer by half-deflection method and to find its figure of merit

NTA was to commence the JEE Main 2021 registration process for the last session from May 3, however, it was delayed. The authorities will soon release the revised JEE Main 2021 April and May schedule on the official website. JEE Main exam for April and May sessions were earlier scheduled to be conducted on April 27 to 30 and May 24 to 27 respectively.

The National Testing Agency has successfully concluded the first two sessions of JEE Main 2021 i.e in February and March. As per the statistics released by the authorities, a total of 6,20,978 and 5,56,248 candidates appeared in the JEE Main April and May exams respectively.

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