NEET 2021: Tips to stay healthy and motivated to ensure best exam day

Every year lakhs of students appear for NEET 2021 exam. Students should know the strategies to keep themselves motivated during NEET 2021 last month's preparation.

NEET 2021: Tips to stay healthy and motivated to ensure best exam day
Raushan Kumar | Aug 18, 2021 - 10:38 a.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2021 is scheduled to be conducted on September 12, 2021. With very few days left for NEET 2021, candidates will have to ramp up their preparation.

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During this last month of NEET 2021 preparations, it is likely that aspirants might be dealing with anxiety and nervousness. There might be times when candidates are completely stressed out and even end up ignoring their health during their preparation.

However, medical aspirants are advised not to ignore their health because it can risk their months of hard work for the NEET 2021 exam. Aspirants should keep themselves highly motivated and healthy by following some below-mentioned strategies in the coming days.

Meditate regularly

Meditation plays an important role in students' lives, especially during these last days of NEET 2021 preparation. It will help students to increase their level of concentration and boost their confidence.

Meditation is also essential to maintain the day-to-day functionality of the human body. Students' minds will work with full concentration and efficiency if students meditate regularly.

Have a balanced diet

A balanced diet is very important in maintaining the health of a person and is much more required to relieve stress during NEET 2021 preparation. Also, when candidates eat healthy their body functions well and they are able to remain comparatively more positive than those who do not.

Take a proper rest

Taking proper rest is indeed essential for candidates to stay healthy during NEET 2021 preparation. A very common phenomenon found in many students is that during these last days of NEET preparation, many students do not take proper sleep. Students must note that depriving them of sleep can result in fatigue and high-stress levels with a drop in concentration. Sound sleep is very important if candidates wish to keep their mood and body positive. It is important that students get the right amount of sleep.

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