UPSC IAS 2021: Mistakes to avoid during preparation

The UPSC Prelims exam 2021 is almost two months away. Now is the time that candidates must change gears and ensure that they do not make any mistake.

UPSC IAS 2021: Mistakes to avoid during preparation
Richa Kapoor | Apr 29, 2021 - 1:38 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: The Union Public Service Commission will conduct the UPSC IAS 2021 exam on June 27. Candidates who are planning to appear for the UPSC prelims exam this year must be now in the fag end of their preparation. However, there are certain mistakes which a candidate must avoid during the course of the UPSC IAS preparation.

Some of the prominent mistakes which candidates must avoid as they prepare for UPSC IAS preliminary exam is not managing their time well, not revising, spending too much time on social media, doing selective study etc.

UPSC IAS 2021- Mistakes to avoid during preparation

One must remember that it is more than a year’s hard work and it must not go waste. Hence it is important that candidates should avoid certain mistakes as they prepare for the UPSC IAS exam.

Improper time management

In the last phase of the preparation, candidates must keep in mind that they do not waste time. It is essential to plan a timetable and ensure that one adheres to it. Following a proper study plan will help candidates on the day of the UPSC 2021 exam.

Ignoring revision

One of the mistakes that candidates should avoid is to not revise what they have studied. Studying new topics and not revising what they have already studied might prove to be detrimental for the candidates. The preparation will be futile if a candidate is not able to recall what he or she has studied on the day of the exam.

Do not ignore mock tests

It is essential to assess the level of preparation by taking the mock tests for UPSC IAS 2021. Taking UPSC IAS 2021 mock tests will help candidates know and fix their weak areas.

Evade irrelevant news

Current affairs form an important part of the prelims exam. If one is reading and watching irrelevant news then it is a mere waste of time. Hence this is another mistake that candidates must avoid while preparing for the UPSC IAS exam. Know the topics and subjects to focus on under current affairs. Previous years’ question papers and mock tests will give more clarity to candidates on topics to focus on.

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