VITEEE 2021: Memory based questions released; Check here

VIT is conducting VITEEE 2021 exam today onwards in three slots for each day. Candidates can find the memory based VITEEE questions asked in slot 1, 2 and 3 today.

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Ridhi.Khurana | May 28, 2021 - 2:01 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: Vellore Institute of Technology has successfully conducted the VITEEE 2021 day 1 today. VITEEE 2021 exam is being conducted in three slots. The remaining slots will be held today as well as on May 29 and 31. As the slots 1, 2 and 3 of VIT entrance exam are already concluded, candidates may find the memory based VITEEE questions here.

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VITEEE 2021: Memory-based questions

Candidates can check memory based questions of May 28 VITEEE 2021 exam here-

VITEEE 2021 (May 28 - Slot 3) - Memory Based Questions

Q- The amino acid residue that favors the occurrence of a turn in the protein structure is:




4.Glutamic acid

Q- Honey is more vicious than coconut oil because:

1.The intermolecular attraction between the molecules of coconut oil is weaker than honey.

2.Honey is denser than coconut oil

3. The intermolecular spaces between the molecules in honey are more than coconut oil.

4.The intermolecular attraction between the molecules of coconut oil is stronger than honey.

Q- A car of mass M is moving with uniform velocity v on a horizontal road. When a person of mass m drops on it from above, the velocity of thecar will be?

1. Mv / M+m

2. mv / M

3. Mv / m

4. Mv / M+m

Q- One of the following aldehydes undergoes Cannizzaro’s reaction and reduces the Schiff’s reagent, but does not reduce Fehling’s reagent. That is





Q- A nucleus with atomic number Z and mass numberA undergoes alpha decay. Which of thefollowing is true?

1.Z increases by 2 and A decreases by 4

2.Z decreases by 2 and A decreases by 2

3.Z increases by 1 and A do not change

4.Z decreases by 2 and A decreases

Q- A carbamate contains

1.A carbonate and an amide group

2.A carbonyl and an amide group

3.An amide and an ester group

4.A carbonyl and an ester group

Q- A conducting loop in the plane of the paper is halfway into the magnetic field (which points into the page). If the magnetic field begins to increase rapidly in strength, what happens to the loop?

1. The loop is pushed upwards, towards the top of the page.

2. The loop is pushed to the right, out of the page.

3. The loop is pulled to the left towards the magnetic field.

4. The loop is pushed downwards, towards the bottom of the page.

Q- The arithmetic mean and the harmonic mean between 2 numbers are 27 and 12 respectively, then their geometric mean is given by:





VITEEE Slot 2- May 28, 2021 memory-based questions

Q: The equation of the normal to the hyperbola 25x2- 64y2 = 1600 at the point (16, 5√5) is:
1..√5x + 4y = 89
2.√5x + 4y = 39
3.4x + √5y = 89
4.4x + √5y = 39

Q: Which of the following is a tautology?
1.(P v Q)↔(P v (P↔(Q↔R)))
2.(P v Q)↔(Q v (P↔(Q↔R)))
3.(P v Q)↔(P v (Q↔(R↔Q)))
4.(P v Q)↔(Q v (Q↔(R↔Q)))

Q: If i2= -1, then the value of Captureis?

Q: The domain for which th function f(x) = 2x2-1 andg (x) = 1 - 3x are equal is
3.-2, ½}

Q: The angle between the curves y = x3and y = x5at x = 0 is

Q: As mass A increases. Which of the following quantities related to a nucleus do not change?

1. Volume

2. Density

3. Mass

4. Binding Energy

Q: A tetrapeptide possess _____________ peptide bonds and can be ______ into amino acids fragments

1.4; hydrolysed

2.3; hydrolysed

3.4; denatured

4. 4; denatured

Q: Which of the following statement is true?

1. The wavelength of light emitted by LED depends on the applied voltage across the LED.

2. LED emits light when it is reverse biased

3. The V-I characteristics of an LED is similar to that of a silicon p-n junction diode

4. LED is made of a thin layer of lightly doped semiconductor material

Q: The resistance of a copper wire is 1.05 Ω at 20 degree C. What will be resistance at 0 degree C? The temperature coefficient of resistivity of copper is0.00393 degree C-1.

1. 0.52 Ω

2.0.31 Ω

3.0.89 Ω

4.0.97 Ω

VITEEE Slot 1 - May 28, 2021 memory-based questions

Question - A point is chosen randomly inside the circle of radius r. Let x be the distance of the point from the center of the circle. Then the equation of the random variable is given by?

Question - The length of the axis of the conic 25x2+4y2 -10x+4y+1=0 are:

A) ⅖

B) ⅘

C) ½, ⅖

D) ½, ⅕

Question - When we push a wooden crate on the concrete floor, then which of the following statements is true?

A) The static friction in this case is more than the kinetic friction

B) It is easier to push the object on a smooth surface than on a rough surface to get it moving.

C) If we keep a heavy weight on the wooden crate we can get it moving easily as compared to when there is no block over it.

D) We need more force to get the crate to move initially compared to keep it moving.

Question - Let P and Q be matrices of size 4X6 and 4X1, respectively which of the following is correct for the system of linear equations Px=Q?

A) If the system is consistent then it has infinitely many solutions.

B) If Q=0 then the system is inconsistent.

C) If Q≠0 and the system is consistent, then the rank of P must be 6.

D) If Q=0, then the system has a unique solution.

Question - In which one of the following cases the Rolles Theorem is not applicable?

A) f(x) = [x] in [2.5, 2.7]

B) f(x) = x2 – 4x + 5 in [1,2]

C) f(x) = |x| in [-2,2]

Question - If z1, z2, z3 are the vertices of the equilateral triangle and the z0 be its orthocentre, such that z12+z22+z32 = Kz02, then K equals

A) 6

B) 2

C) 9

D) 3

Question - Which of the following fluorides of oxygen do not exist?

A) XeF4

B) XeF6

C) XeF3


Question - Let f(x) = | |x| – 1|, then the point where f(x)is not differentiable, is / are?

A) 0

B) 1

C) ±1

D) 0,±1

Question - The metal ion present in hemoglobin is

A) Zn2+

B) Fe2+

C) Mg2+

D) Mn2+

Question - Let G be a group such that (xy)2 = xy, Ɐx, y ∈ G, then which of the following is true?

A) xy = x, Ɐx, y ∈ G

B) Xy = y, Ɐx, x ∈ G

C) X2 = e, Ɐx ∈ G

D) xy = yx, Ɐx, y ∈ G

Question - Let a, b be elements of the group G. Assume that A has order 5 and a3b = ba3, then G is:

A) Both abelian and cyclic group

B) Non-abelian group

C) Cyclic group

D) Abelian group

Question - The distance of the line x+3 = y+4 = z+5 from the origin is:

A) √12

B) 2

C) √3

D) √2

Question - Catalytic dehydrogenation of primary alcohol will produce a:

A) Secondary alcohol

B) Ester

C) Aldehyde

D) Ketone

Question - Which one of the following is not a group under the usual addition operation?

A) The set of all positive integers

B) The set of all real numbers

C) The set of all rational numbers

D) The set of all complex numbers


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