CLAT 2021: Expert suggests tips to avoid common mistakes to do well in exam

CLAT aspirants can cut down common mistakes and increase chances of success following tips suggested by BS Shanti, Director of Success Mantra.

CLAT 2021: Expert suggests tips to avoid common mistakes to do well in exam CLAT 2021: Expert tips on how to avoid common mistakes
Manashjyoti | Jun 8, 2021 - 5:04 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: The prevailing COVID-19 situation in the country has caused the Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs) to indefinitely postpone the CLAT 2021 exam. A delay in the exam means candidates now have some extra time to brace up their CLAT exam preparation. But while most candidates are familiar with the key tenets of exam preparation, not many know or sometimes even overlook common mistakes they should avoid during CLAT 2021 exam preparation.

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For example, many students do not consider taking mock tests or don’t do them enough or the right way. At other times, they don’t pay enough attention to conceptual doubts that may creep in from time to time. These and similar other mistakes if not attended immediately and nipped at the bud can seriously compromise your preparation.

BS Shanti, director at Success Mantra, says, “The mistakes that candidates make are often the result of various reasons like lack of guidance, poor strategy, lack of devotion, and other such reasons.”

Here he dissects the list of common mistakes made by candidates during their CLAT 2021 preparation and shares mitigation strategies.

CLAT 2021: Common mistakes and how to avoid them



Not being through with the basics

CLAT questions are very fundamental in nature. If you're not revising your basics, especially in Maths and Legal Aptitude, you would possibly fall into a trap. These sections are very tricky and you would like to be in constant touch with your subject basics. You ought to keep revising the related topics till the end.

Not having a master study plan

90 days does sound like a way of urgency. The primary step in formulating an idea would be to know the sections that are asked in the CLAT exam. The paper contains questions from Quantitative Techniques, English, Current Affairs, Logical Reasoning, and Legal Reasoning sections. Taking a mock paper first is the best place to begin. This may assist you in getting a black and white picture of where you stand. Your study structure should focus on your weaknesses but don’t forget to brush up your mastered sections.

Not managing your emotions

Ignoring emotions like stress, lack of motivation and frustration can be unfavorable to preparation. Success in CLAT requires you to be good at handling your emotions. Here are some symptoms are facing emotional trouble:

  • Not having the ability to concentrate and score

  • Not having the ability to compete with fellow students

  • Focus is missing

If you find yourself in this state, it’s better to seek help. You can seek help from your mentor or a counselor.

Leaving the doubts unaddressed

Doubts are something that requires to be cleared. Without clearance of doubts, your preparation plan is half-hearted which will reduce chances of qualifying the exam.

Not writing and evaluating the Mocks

Many candidates assume that just by mastering a chapter, they're going to get an excellent score in CLAT and obtain the school of their dreams. Sadly, this is often not true. Mock tests are the second step to your CLAT preparation.

  • Mocks assist you develop the temperament need to do well in CLAT exam

  • They allow you to develop a technique suited to the requirements of the exam

  • They allow you to know your strengths and weakness

  • Mock tests also tell you where you stand in the competition

The ideal frequency of mock tests during the preparation stages is 1 mock per week. Once you have finished your chapters and therefore the time for revision has come (usually last month before CLAT), the frequency of mock tests are often increased to 2-3 mocks per week.

Similarly, by analyzing the mock test results, you'll be able to improve your CLAT score, which is the ultimate purpose of all the preparation.

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