NEP 2020: Haryana Gov asks VCs, academics to implement effectively

NEP 2020: Haryana Gov asks VCs, academics to implement effectively
Press Trust of India | Aug 19, 2020 - 9:58 a.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: Haryana Governor Satyadeo Narain Arya on Tuesday appealed to the vice-chancellors and academicians to take initiative in implementing the new National Education Policy (NEP) in an effective and speedy manner. He also said the change in the education system in the country and the state will help the younger generation become self-reliant. Arya was addressing the vice-chancellors and academicians at a digital conclave organized by the Haryana State Higher Education Council, an official statement said here. He said the people associated with the education sector will be responsible to implement the new National Education Policy, whose basic objective is to prepare people with good skills, technical knowledge, and expertise. "There is immense potential for rapid benefits of new Education Policy and promotion of education in the state of Haryana, because the entire infrastructure related to education is already strong in the state," he said. Arya said that the basis of progress and future of any country is a strong education system. "With this objective, the National Education Policy 2020 has been prepared after 34 years. This education policy is the cornerstone of India's innovation. The aspirations of 130 crore people have been reflected in this education policy," he said. He said that for the first time in the country, 6 per cent of GDP has been allocated for education in order to continuously intensify research, new innovations and employment-oriented programmes, under the National Education Policy.

"Naturally, there will be immense development of infrastructure related to education in the country in future," he added. The Governor said that earlier there was a herd mentality regarding education where everyone wanted to make their children doctors, lawyers, and engineers, but now with the new National Education Policy new avenues will open up that will lead to development of the nation. Chairman, Haryana State Higher Education Council, B K Kuthiala, who chaired the conclave, said that the new education policy was concurrent with the times and the nation. He also appealed to all the academicians to implement this policy with full responsibility.

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