IIM CAT 2020 - Time management holds key to success

IIM CAT 2020 - Time management holds key to success
Team Careers360 | Oct 22, 2020 - 9:45 a.m. IST
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NEW DELHI- Management of time for the Common Admission Test or CAT will help the candidates score a high percentile on the day of the exam. A quote which is very said that “The bad news is time flies, but the good news is you are the pilot”. Same applies to the time management while preparing for any entrance exam. When it comes to CAT 2020 preparation, one should keep certain key points in mind such as do not spend too much time on a question which is not confident in the CAT exam. Since there is a sectional time limit, candidates must solve those questions in each section first about which they are confident.

IIM CAT 2020- Time management strategy for Quantitative Ability

  • Before solving any question from the CAT QA section, one should read all the questions carefully and answer those questions about which they are sure about the answer.

  • To get a decent percentile in this section, do not aim to attempt maximum questions. Rather try to solve such questions they know why can solve it with the accuracy rate of 100 percent

  • Always take such questions that can be solved within a minute so that for lengthy questions one can have enough amount of time

IIM CAT 2020- Time management strategy for VARC section

  • In the verbal Ability and reading Comprehension (VARC) section of CAT exam, candidates should ensure that they read the passages swiftly and draw inference for the questions which are asked fast. Spending too much time on one passage will prove to be detrimental.

  • Divide VARC section in two sets i.e. in the first part put all the questions from Reading Comprehension (RC) and remaining one in the second part. Check which part will consume less time and hence answer those questions first.

  • If a question takes more than expected time, then skip that one and more forward to the easy ones.

IIM CAT 2020- Time management strategy for Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

  • CAT DILR section the most time consuming section. Questions asked in this section are the complex. If candidates were able to manage their time during preparation days, then on D-day they can easily manage their time

  • Try not to invest more than 1-2 minutes on a particular question

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