IIT Kharagpur will support developers after ban on Chinese mobile apps

IIT Kharagpur will support developers after ban on Chinese mobile apps Source : Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Team Careers360 | Jul 2, 2020 - 4:05 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur or IIT Kharagpur said on Thursday that the ban on several applications by the Indian government should be viewed as a boon for Indian researchers, players and the market.

Convinced about IIT Kharagpur’s role, Virendra Kumar Tewari, director, said in a statement that researchers and students can work better if the projects and start-ups are sponsored.

“We are contemplating on calling for submission of app development projects by students which we can sponsor. With the talent at institutes like IITs who power the strongest corporations in the digital space, this is not the only certainty but not achieving this the goal should come as a surprise,” said Tewari.

Experts speak

Raja Datta, head, G.S Sanyal School of Telecommunication spoke on the importance of investigations of the banned applications.

It is important to study “the attributes of the banned applications, and make certain of malware functions if any, and take necessary steps to remove possible security threats”, Datta said

Talking about the market which has been created, Suman Chakraborty, dean of sponsored research & industrial consultancy, is confident about Indian technologists and scientists who are ready to meet the strong demand for similar products.

“The ban has only created a supply imbalance in the market which will attract Indian startups to feel the void. Also, our technological research has reached a level wherein designing such products indigenously should not be a challenge at all,” Chakraborty said.

Students take

A section of students at the institute engaged in product designing and development is also excited.

TYSS Santosh, a UG representative, had taken up an informal assignment during the lockdown period to develop various applications related to COVID-19.

“Similar assignments can be conducted to encourage students to ideate new developments, he said as part of the co-curricular program. This can also, be a real-life project-based learning experience for students where we can witness the transition from lab to land,” he said.

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