CBSE 10th, 12th model answers 2018 released; know what is expected of you

CBSE 10th, 12th model answers 2018 released; know what is expected of you
Kumud Sahni | Jan 18, 2019 - 12:53 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI, JANUARY 18, 2019: Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the model answers for the examination 2018. Students can check and download the answer sheets for classes 10 and 12 from the official website - These answer sheets belong to the CBSE toppers and will help a student know what and how to answer as per the marking scheme and word limit. With just a month left for the board exams, a student must have completed the syllabus and started with the practice of previous year question papers or sample papers as provided by the board. Here are some things to keep in mind.

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12 things to note while attempting the questions:

  1. The answer length should be in accordance with the marks i.e. 1 mark answer should be answered in a line or two. Do not write half a page or full sheet for it.

  2. Be very specific to what is being asked and what are you answering. Don’t beat around the bush.

  3. Always write the formulae in the numerical problems of maths, physics or any other subject. Formulae also carry marks.

  4. For diagrams, always use a pencil and label it properly without skipping anything. Even if a diagram is beautifully made but poorly labelled, it will not fetch you marks but vice-versa is possible.

  5. In questions which are divided into parts, answer all the parts separately without overlooking any.

  6. Crosscheck if you have mentioned the correct question number for the answer on the answer sheet.

  7. Avoid attempting the same question multiple times. CBSE will only consider the first answer which might be incorrect.

  8. For questions asking Yes or No, always try giving the reason and consequence along with the answer in short.

  9. Laws or statements, especially in chemistry, should be written as such. Don’t rephrase them.

  10. Divide your time wisely. Do not spend too long on any question. This should be planned during the 15 minutes time given for reading question paper.

  11. Avoid writing answers in paragraphs. Write in bullet points, highlighting the important facts, figures etc.

  12. Always cite examples wherever possible in Science, Social Science and other subjects.

As per the date sheet released earlier, the board exams for class 10 will be held between February 21 - March 29, 2019, while class 12 exams will be conducted from February 15 till April 4, 2019. So start revision, practice sample papers and keep these points in mind to avoid any silly mistakes. All the best!

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