JEE Main 2020 Exam Analysis, Answer Key, Student Reactions - Live Update (Day 1)

JEE Main 2020 Exam Analysis, Answer Key, Student Reactions - Live Update (Day 1)
Team Careers360 | Sep 1, 2020 - 10:30 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: JEE Main 2020 Paper 2 for B.Arch and B.Plan has concluded. The paper was held in two shifts - Session 1 (9 AM to 12 Noon) and Session 2 (3 PM to 6 PM). Additional half an hour has been allotted for the candidates who are attempting both B.Arch and B.Plan sections. JEE Main 2020 Paper 2 was held across various centres in the country.

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JEE Main 2020 Exam Analysis for Day 1 Paper 2; Moderate to difficult

According to the student reaction on JEE Main 2020, Paper 2 was of moderate difficulty. Various JEE Main Paper 2 analysis from coaching institutes also showed that the Mathematics sections were the most difficult with numerical questions. JEE Main student reaction also revealed that proper guidelines were followed by the authorities and social distancing was maintained at the centres.

To keep up with the IIT JEE Main 2020 news and updates with additional inputs live from the exam centres and to know the students reactions, stay tuned here. JEE Main today paper analysis and answer key for Paper 2 will be available soon after the JEE Main September 2020. Also, JEE Mains 2020 question paper with solutions to be released soon

Live updates

JEE Main 2020 Paper 2 has concluded. JEE Main exam analysis for day 1 session 1 was of moderate difficulty. Know the latest JEE Main news and exam updates and student reactions live from exam centres here

Sept. 1, 2020 | 10:30 PM IST

Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' tweets out congratulations on JEE Main success

Minister of Education Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' has congratulated all state government and NTA authorities on the success of JEE Main paper 2 through his official Twitter

Sept. 1, 2020 | 09:38 PM IST

Five things to remember for JEE Main 2020

Since JEE Main paper is being conducted during COVID-19, the candidates should remember 5 important things for the examination. This will ensure that the procedure is completed smoothly and safely. 

  • Self declaration form for JEE Main 2020 has to be duly filled and submitted at the exam centre. 
  • Social distancing has to be maintained at all times
  • Sanitizers and masks have to be taken to the exam centres. New masks will also be provided at the centre.
  • Candidates should be prepared and should take all precautionary measures.
  • Last minute concentrated revision should be done by the candidates for the exam.
Sept. 1, 2020 | 07:35 PM IST

COVID SOPs followed at JEE Main 2020 exam centres

During the JEE Main exam, NTA authorities followed various COVID SOPs to ensure that the candidates have a safe process. The following guidelines were maintained by the authorities:

  • Thermal screening of all the candidates was done.
  • Overcrowding was not allowed.
  • Social distancing was maintained 
  • Gaps were kept between the seats in the exam hall.
  • There was a strict 'No Touch Policy'
  • Hand sanitizers were provided at the centres
  • News masks were provided to the JEE Main 2020 candidates.
Sept. 1, 2020 | 07:22 PM IST

JEE Main Paper 2 held smoothly all over the country; Amit Khare

Amit Khare, Secretary HE has thanked all of the state government and officials of NTA for the smooth conduct of the JEE Main 2020 examination for Paper 2.

Divided public opinions on JEE Main 2020

Students all over the country have divided opinions regarding the JEE Main 2020. As per JEE Main 2020 student reaction of those who attempted the examination, all of the guidelines were properly followed and the exam was held in a smooth and safe manner. However, some people have tweeted out negative reviews regarding how JEE Main paper was conducted today.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 06:54 PM IST

Check more JEE Main student reactions

Aditya Jain - 'This is my second attempt. I had also attempted the January session. I self-prepared for the JEE Main B.Arch/B.Plan paper. Mathematics was the toughest section. The topics for this section was mixed. General aptitude had more questions on viewing patterns and was easy. In drawing, questions were there to draw a garden, prayer scene or your friend's face. I wish to join one of the SPAs if I rank well.  All guidelines are being followed inside the JEE Main 2020 centre.'

Ritika - 'My exam went well. General aptitude had very easy questions. Mathematics had difficult questions from mostly 12th standard. Drawing had easy questions such as to draw gardens and friend's pictures. 3D structures and all were asked in numerical questions. All of the guidelines were followed well inside the JEE Main exam centre. 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 06:32 PM IST

JEE Main Paper 2 analysis; check student reaction

JEE Main Paper 2 analysis offers insight regarding how the entrance examination was conducted. Paper 2 has concluded and JEE Main student reactions can be checked from below to know more details about today JEE Main paper. 

Himanshu - 'This is my second attempt. The difficultly level was moderate. General aptitude was very easy and drawing section also went fine. Maths was a bit hard. Maths section had integrations, area bounded, differentiation questions. Drawing section had questions such as to draw a building or to make a composition out of a shape. There was no problem and everything was done smoothly by the authorities. Hygiene was also good. My preparation during COVID-19 was good.'

Satish Kumar - 'This is my first attempt. I attempted B.Plan paper of JEE Main 2020. Mathematics section was tricky. Questions from Integration and differentiation were difficult. Aptitude section had general questions. Drawing section was also easy. All proper guidelines were followed inside the centre. Social distancing was maintained and checking was done. Fresh marks was give and our temperature was checked. Hand sanitizers were also provided. I have not decided yet but I wish to join the best institute if I get good ranks.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 06:07 PM IST

JEE Main 2020 Paper 2 concludes; check exam centre pictures

JEE Main 2020 Paper 2 for B.Arch has concluded. Students are leaving the centres in an orderly manner and some of the parents/guardians who stayed at the centres are waiting for their respective wards to come out. JEE Main student reactions will be available soon. Here are some pictures from the JEE Main exam centres.

Parents waiting outside the exam centre

Students are leaving the JEE Main exam centre

Sept. 1, 2020 | 05:39 PM IST

JEE Main 2020 answer keys by coaching institutes to be released soon

Coaching centres will soon be releasing memory based responses to JEE Main question paper. Candidates will be able to access the JEE Main answer key for Paper 2 (B.Arch/B.Plan) from the various coaching centres which will be compiled by the experts. The official JEE Main answer key will also be released after the exams are conducted from September 1 to 6. JEE Main student reactions from the centres will soon be available for session 2.  

Sept. 1, 2020 | 04:02 PM IST

JEE Main 2020 candidates from West Bengal face heavy rain and transport issues

With the ongoing heavy rain in West Bengal, JEE Main 2020 aspirants faced problems reaching their exam centres. Additionally, issues with lack of transportation also arose which led to the candidates waiting for hours to get a bus to reach their JEE Main 2020 exam centres. Most of the students who faced problems were from North 24 Parganas, Berhampur, Malda and Siliguri. 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 03:22 PM IST

NTA confirms JEE Main 2020 exam was not cancelled In 2 Uttar Pradesh centres

NTA has addressed the reports stating that JEE Main 2020 paper for B.Arch/B.Plan was cancelled in Lucknow as completely fake. Through their Twitter account, NTA has clarified that no exams are to be held in Krishna Nagar and Jankipuram Extension centres today. JEE Main 2020 is being conducted as planned in other centres of Lucknow.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 03:13 PM IST

JEE Main 2020 Paper 2 Session 2 starts

JEE Main Paper 2 has commenced for Session 2. The examination for B.Arch/B.Plan is being held in both computer based and pen and paper based mode till 6 PM. However, the JEE Main 2020 paper for those who will be attempting both B.Arch and B.Plan will end at 6:30 PM. Students have entered their respective centres and the gates have been shut down. According to JEE Main student reactions, the authorities are following the COVID-19 guidelines and proper hygiene and social distancing is being maintained. 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 02:24 PM IST

JEE Main 2020 live updates from exam centres; Exam Day in Pictures

JEE Main students have started arriving at the exam centre for session 2. NTA is conducting Paper 2 (B.Arch/B.Plan) at different exam centres. As per JEE Main student's reactions for Session 1, the authorities are ensuring social distancing and all protocols are being followed to make the examination process safer. 

Gates are yet to open for the JEE Main Paper 2 Session 2

Students and parents start arriving at the exam centres for JEE Main

Sept. 1, 2020 | 02:24 PM IST

JEE Main 2020 exam: Students in Delhi face hardships on account of Ola, Uber strike

Ola, Uber Drivers are on strike in Delhi-NCR areas. Students appearing for JEE (Mains) are facing inconvenience on account of this strike. Some students going for the JEE  Main day 1 session 2 exam may be affected. 

On the other hand, many students have reportedly made their own arrangements. IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay alumni associations have pitched in with a dedicated portal to help JEE Main students in their endeavour to reach the JEE main 2020 exam centres on time

Sept. 1, 2020 | 02:00 PM IST

JEE Main Paper 2 (Shift 2) to commence soon

Students who have been assigned at the afternoon shift of JEE Main paper 2 have started arriving at the exam centres. As per JEE Main timings, the examination will start from 3 PM and will conclude till 6 PM. An additional half and hour will be given to students who are appearing for both JEE Main B.Arch and B.Plan. 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 01:46 PM IST

Possibility of JEE Advanced and JoSAA postponement?

With the NTA taking an undertaking to accept representations from candidates belonging to flood affected regions of Maharashtra, another alarming question has been risen. Will JEE Advanced and JoSAA be postponed again? Since the candidates who file for representation may be able to attempt the JEE Main paper after 15 days, there is a possibility that JEE Advanced will be postponed, since the registrations for the same will start from September 11. Similarly, JoSAA registrations may also get delayed due to this. 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 01:19 PM IST

NTA to accept representations from flood affected JEE Main candidates

National Testing Agency (NTA) has agreed to an undertaking before Bombay High Court saying that the students who have been unable to make it to JEE Main exam due to floods in Maharashtra and have and no transport can put a representation to NTA who will consider it within 15 days. District collector and other local governing bodies have to send the representation to NTA and the decision will be taken within 15 days. 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 12:49 PM IST

JEE Main Paper 2 (Shift 1) concludes; Know

JEE Main Paper 2 Day 1 exam analysis is out now that the exam has concluded. The JEE Main B.Arch and B.Plan was held from 9 AM. Student reactions to the JEE Main 2020 Paper 2 Day 1  session 1 was of moderate difficulty. Mathematics tough and numerical questions were difficult. Other sections were of moderate difficulty as per JEE Main student reaction. 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 12:38 PM IST

More analysis on JEE Main B.Arch paper (Shift 1)

Harshit - 'The paper was easy but Mathematics section was hard. Sanitizers were provided at the centres along with the masks. Social distancing was maintained and the environment was hygienic. There was a bit of a pressure as exam during COVID-19 was scary. It was hard to study during this situation.'

Ishu Goyal ‘I had attempted JEE Main Paper 1 before in January. Social distancing was maintained at the centres and the required gaps between the seats were there. Checking of admit cards was also done while maintaining social distancing. Admit cards had to be dropped at the boxes and students were allowed to move out in order. Thick belts were not allowed and shoes with thick soles were not allowed. For me drawing was hard since I am not good at it. General aptitude was about views like top view, front view. Theory questions were there about architecture. The difficulty level was moderate. There were five numerical questions and I could do only two.’

Sept. 1, 2020 | 12:13 PM IST

JEE Main 2020 B.Arch paper (Shift 1) has concluded; check student analysis

JEE Main B.Arch paper has ended at 12 noon. However, the JEE Main exam timing for B.Plan is a bit longer. For candidates who are attempting both B.Arch and B.Plan, the examination will be held till 12:30 PM. Check out the student analysis of JEE Main B.Arch below.

According to Sachin Singh, the paper was of moderate difficulty. Aptitude and drawing section was easy but Mathematics was tough. The numerical questions were difficult and consisted of topics such as hyperbola, measurements and three dimensional geometry. A few questions from Aptitude were also of moderate difficulty. During JEE Main B.Arch paper, all guidelines were followed by the students and the authorities. 

Another student claimed that the Mathematics question was hard but it was solvable. Most of the questions were from 11th and 12th standard syllabus. General aptitude was easy and had questions about patterns and sequence. General knowledge questions were also there such as where is notre dame cathedral located or where does the President of USA live? The COVID-19 guidelines are followed well. The sanitizers were given to the students and hygiene was maintained. 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 12:10 PM IST

Uttarakhand Government offers special buses for JEE Main exam

Uttarakhand government is running special buses for JEE Main aspirants from their district headquarters to the exam centres. Currently, two buses will be operational in 13 districts, however, the services will be increased if required and as per the needs of the aspirants.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 11:48 AM IST

How to fill self declaration form for JEE Main 2020?

Due to COVID-19, all candidates will compulsorily have to fill the JEE Main self declaration form and take a print out of it to the exam centres. While downloading the JEE Main admit card, the self declaration which is about any travel history, symptoms, if any of COVID-19 or any possible contact with a coronavirus patient in the last 14 days has to be filled out first. The JEE Main admit card pdf also consists of the self declaration form/undertaking on which the candidates have to sign, do a thumb impression and paste their photograph. The self declaration form for JEE Main 2020 has to be submitted at the exam centres.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 11:04 AM IST

Students for JEE Main exam assured accessible transportation

Various authorities have come forward to help the students reach the JEE Main exam centres by offering transportation services to students. The alumni associations of IIT Delhi, Bombay and Madras have jointly launched an online web portal called eduride to help JEE Main candidates reach the exam centre by registering online or calling at the listed numbers. 

Madhya Pradesh government authorities has also offered free buses from district headquarters for JEE Main 2020 aspirants. Similarly, Odisha has also agreed to lift the lockdown during the exam days to allow movement of students for the exams.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 10:52 AM IST

JEE Main exam: less candidates in more centres

NTA had earlier released an official notification stating that the number of examination centers for JEE Main exam have been increased from 570 to 660.  Due to COVID-19 and to ensure social distancing, the number of shifts has also been increased from 8 to 12, and the number of candidates per shift have been reduced from earlier 1.32 lakh to 85000 now.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 10:16 AM IST

Check what Twitterati has to say about JEE Main exam

Various reactions can be seen on Twitter regarding JEE Main exam which is being conducted today for Paper 2 (B.Arch/B.Plan). While some are applauding the efforts of NTA regarding social distancing, others are showing negative reactions to some centres where crowding can be seen. 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 09:54 AM IST

JEE Main Live Updates: Bombay HC allows JEE Main exam to be held as scheduled

The Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court has made their decision on the plea for postponement of the JEE Main exam for flood affected areas. The Court has allowed JEE Main 2020 to be conducted as it has been scheduled. For those who are affected by the flood and cannot reach the exam centre, the Court has directed them to contact NTA. 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 09:48 AM IST

JEE Main exam schedule for today

Candidates can check the detailed exam schedule of JEE Main Paper 2 below to know the shift-wise timings of the entrance examination.


Morning Shift

Afternoon shift

Examination Timings

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (12:30 PM for B.Plan)

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM (6:30 PM for B.Plan)

Duration of Examination

3 hours

3 hours

Entry in Exam Centre

8:00 AM

2:00 PM

Admit Card checking by invigilator

8 AM to 8:30 AM

2 PM to 2:30 PM

Gate Closing8.30 AM2.30 PM

Sitting on the seat in the Examination Hall

8:45 AM

2:45 PM

Instructions by the Invigilators

8:45 AM to 8:55 AM

2:45 PM to 2:55 PM

Exam Commences

9:00 AM

3:00 PM

Exam Ends

12:00 PM (12:30 PM for B.Plan)

6:00 PM (6:30 PM for B.Plan)

Sept. 1, 2020 | 09:18 AM IST

JEE Main 2020 analysis for Paper 2 to be available soon

Students will be able to check JEE Main exam analysis as soon as the examination is over. Views of the students' and experts regarding the examination will be made available to give a clearer picture on how NTA conducted the paper. The analysis will help the students know how the examination went and determine the possible difficulty level of the remaining JEE Main exam too.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 09:15 AM IST

JEE Main exam commences for Paper 2

JEE Main Paper 2 has commenced for all candidates who have arrived at the exam centres. Paper 2 of JEE Main exam is of 3 hours, however, an additional half and hour will be given to those who have opted B.Plan section. The gates at the exam centres were closed off at 9 AM. 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 08:59 AM IST

A view of JEE Main 2020 at different cities

ANI has reported from the various exam centres across the nation to show how JEE Main 2020 is being conducted.

Chhattisgarh: Candidates appearing for JEE Main 2020 are arriving at ICE centre in Raipur's Sarona which is a examination centre.

Karnataka: JEE Main 2020 is being held at SJM Infotech Private Limited in Bengaluru along with many other centres. The temperature of candidates are being checked as they arrive at the centre.

Goa: Candidates are arriving at TCS at Patto Plaza in Panaji, Goa which is a JEE Main 2020 exam centre. The candidates are asked to discard their masks and are being provided fresh masks after their temperature is checked.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 08:50 AM IST

Karnataka CM wishes students luck on JEE Main 2020

Karnataka Chief Minister B.S Yediyurappa has tweeted out his message to wish luck to the students of JEE Main 2020. 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 08:41 AM IST

JEE Main updates from the centre

Strict guidelines are being followed at JEE Main exam centres. Before entry, the students are being asked to throw away their masks and they are provided  with new ones. A worker has been allotted the duty of wearing a PPE kit and recording the temperature of the students. Frisking is through metal detectors and social distancing is strictly followed. The centres are experience less number of candidates as compared to the previous year examination. No entry will be allowed after 8:30 AM.

Students' walking towards the entry gate where their temperatures are being recorded

Parent's waiting outside the centres inspite of being asked to leave

Very few students are being seen at the JEE Main centres

Sept. 1, 2020 | 08:27 AM IST

JEE Main 2020 students' reactions from the centres

Students started arriving for JEE Main exam at the centres for the Paper 2 examination. Wearing of masks are mandatory and the parents are being asked to leave as soon as they drop off their children to the centre. Let us look at some of the student reactions to the JEE Main examination for Paper 2. 

Aayushi - 'I have attempted the January session exam too. I feel like my reasoning is strong so I am confident. I have no problem about the exam but I am scared about the atmosphere due to COVID-19. I am quite scared about going inside the centre'.

Lakshit Sharma - 'I am hoping to score more in the analysis section. I have already been COVID-19 positive and recovered so I am not scared of giving the exam'.

Ketan - 'I had dropped a year after 12th standard to prepare for this. My first attempt on JEE Main January 2020 paper had failed so I am doing it again. I think Aptitude and Mathematics section will be my strong point. I fee like the exam should have been postponed but then again one year would have gone to waste.' 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 08:16 AM IST

Bombay HC at Nagpur to hear an urgent plea on JEE Main and NEET postponement

Bar and Bench has reported that Bombay High Court Bench at Nagpur of Justices RK Deshpande and Pushpa Ganediwala will be hearing an urgent plea today at 8:30 AM to postpone JEE Main and NEET for those students who are residing in flood affected areas. 

Sept. 1, 2020 | 08:09 AM IST

Students start reporting at the JEE Main centres

Students have started arriving for JEE Main examination being held for Paper 2. The JEE Main exam timing is from 9 AM to 12 Noon (first shift) and 3 PM to 6 PM (second shift). However, students have started reporting earlier since the frisking process will be conducted. Here are some of the latest JEE Main updates from the social media.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 08:04 AM IST

Dress code of JEE Main 2020

NTA has stated the dress code for JEE Main through the exam guidelines. According to the dress code, shoes/footwear with thick soles and garments with large buttons will not be allowed. Jewelry and metallic items are also prohibited.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 07:57 AM IST

List of things to carry along with JEE Main admit card

While JEE Main admit card is an important particular to carry to the exam centre, there are other things which also have to be presented to the invigilator. NTA has announced that students should ensure that the following things are carried to the examination centre of JEE Main:

  • Original Identity proof (PAN card/Driving License/Voter ID/12th Class Board Admit or Registration card/ Passport/ Aadhaar Card (With photograph)/ E-Aadhaar/ Ration Card./ Aadhaar Enrolment No. with Photo.

  • Self declaration (undertaking) 

  • Additional photograph, to be pasted on the attendance sheet.

  • 50ml hand sanitizer

  • Transparent water bottle

  • Transparent ballpoint pen

  • 3 ply masks

  • Gloves

  • For the drawing test, the students have to bring their own geometry box set, pencils, erasers and colour pencils or crayons. Water colours are not allowed.

Sept. 1, 2020 | 07:53 AM IST

JEE Main 2020 Paper 2 to be held today

NTA is conducting JEE Main Paper 2 today in two shifts. The examination will be held as both a computer based and pen and paper based test. The drawing section will have to be attempted in offline mode by the students. For those students who have been allotted the first shift, they will have to report to the centre by 8 AM. For the second shift, the students will have to report for JEE Main by 2 PM.

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