CBSE Board Exam 2020: Students upset with marking scheme

CBSE Board Exam 2020: Students upset with marking scheme Picture used for representational purpose (Source: Shutterstock)
R. Radhika | Jun 26, 2020 - 3:09 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: Soon after the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) issued the “alternative assessment scheme” students have expressed their dissatisfaction with it.

According to the CBSE marking scheme, students of Class 10 and 12, who have appeared for all the exams will get the results based on their performance in the exams.

However, due to the Delhi riots and the outbreak of coronavirus, several students could not write the exam for all subjects.

In this case, students who have appeared for more than three exams will get results based on their performance in the average of the best three subjects.

Students who have appeared for only three exams, an average will be calculated with the marks obtained in two best performing subjects for the exams not held. For those who could not appear for more than two will be assessed based on the internal marks and marks obtained in exams appeared.

Doubts about CBSE marks scheme

Several students have objected to the CBSE's alternative assessment scheme as high scoring subjects like Hindi and Computer Science will be evaluated on the basis of tough subjects.

Expressing their discontent, a student wrote on social media: “I am from Class12 science stream my Hindi paper is postponed [and] I accept it but sir I am not satisfied with marking scheme based on best three examinations sir Hindi is quite easier than physics chemistry maths so please marked on the basis of internals,”

Another student said: “For PCM [Physics, Chemistry and Maths with] Computer Science students, marks for CS will be awarded on the basis of the best of three from Physics, Chemistry, Maths and English. Given that computer science is a scoring subject that can increase the percentage overall, this decision will reduce the same for many,”

Students have been given an option to improve their marks later when the exams are held in conducive conditions. Class 10 students will not be given the same opportunity.

Other students are worried about getting lesser marks compared to students who appeared in all examinations.

A student from North-East wrote, “Sir but what about the marking scheme of CBSE class12th...The northeast student has not yet given the [physics], [chemistry], [biology] exams...if they are assessed on the basis of internal then it would be unfair [towards us] who have completed [three] exams..further, our [physics] paper was tough,”

On the other hand, few have accepted the alternative assessment scheme due to the prevailing conditions in the country.

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