ICAI releases CA November 2020 FAQs; Check virtual classes schedule here

ICAI releases CA November 2020 FAQs; Check virtual classes schedule here
Team Careers360 | Aug 17, 2020 - 1:48 p.m. IST
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NEW DELHI: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has released a list of Frequently Asked Questions for the upcoming CA November 2020 exams session. Earlier, ICAI had announced merging CA May 2020 exams with the November session due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There were a lot of queries and questions from students regarding the move and the FAQs has answers to most of the students' questions regarding examination centres, edit facility, change of group etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions - November 2020 exams





Whether the student who had applied for May 2020 Exams be required to fill Examination Form For November 2020 afresh.

Yes, the students of all courses who had applied for May 2020 Examinations will be required to fill form for November 2020 afresh on opening of window for the same. The students are allowed to change the group(s) as well as Centre, for appearance in November 2020 examinations


Whether student will be allowed to change his exam center from the one filled for May / July 2020 exams?

Yes, student has to fill the exam form afresh for November 2020 exams wherein he can opt for exam Centre of his choice.


Whether a student who had applied for May 2020 Examinations for one group, can he apply for both Groups or change the group in November 2020 exams. What will be the fees payable?

Yes, student has to fill exam form afresh for November 2020 exams, accordingly, the student who had applied for one group for May 2020 Exams can apply for both groups or change the group for November 2020 Exams by paying differential fees, if any.


Whether the fees paid for May/July 2020 exam be adjusted or whether the student has to pay the full fees this time again and get refund of the fees paid earlier?

The student will get auto calculation of the fees he has to pay while filling Exam form for November 2020 exam after he enters his details. If he is again opting to give single group exam as he did for May/July 2020 exam, then he is not required to pay any further fees. However, if student now opts to appear for both groups in November 2020 exams while earlier he had opted for only single group in May/July 2020 exams, he will be required to pay difference of fees only.


Whether a student who had failed to fill exemptions available in May 2020 Exams, can he claim the exemptions in November 2020 Exams.

Yes, all exemptions due to students for May 2020 exams are carried forward for November 2020 exams and student can claim the same while filling exam form for November 2020.


When will be the last attempt for Intermediate Old course?

Last attempt for Intermediate old course is extended to November 2020 Examinations.


When will be the last attempt for Final Old course students?

Last attempt for Final Old course is extended to May 2021 Examinations.


Will the examinations be held in December or November?

Next examinations including the merged May 2020 examinations will be held in November 2020.


If a student has cleared his one group in old scheme, can he migrate to Final New Scheme in November 2020?

Yes, the student may convert for Final New Course before filling of November 2020 examinations form. He will be required to appear in the balance group which was not passed in old scheme.


Due to COVID 19 restrictions & impact, students are not able to travel to nearest examination centers. Stay at the city of center is also not possible. Whether it is being planned to open new examination centers at States/ Districts level, where presently no Center is there, to avoid hardship being face by the student.

While considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and for the well - being of students & members and to mitigate their hardships, as a proactive measure for benefit and welfare of the students & members, it has been decided to open 193 (192 in India and 1 in Overseas) additional Examination Centers, subject to appropriate examination centers be used, candidates offer themselves to appear in new examination centers. For the details of 193 additional examinations centers, please refer to the Announcement dated 4th August, 2020 which has been hosted on the Institute’s website at the following: https://www.icai.org/resource/60517exam49295.pdf


Will ICAI cancel exam centers if sufficient number of candidates do not offer themselves to appear from newly added exam centers?

No, ICAI will not cancel any of the announced exam centers.


Whether the students of Final New Course be allowed to change the elective subject while filling form for November 2020 exams.

Yes, the students are allowed to change elective subject of paper 6 while filling examination form for Nov. 2020 Exams.


Whether a student be allowed to change his medium of language while filling fresh examination forms for November 2020 Examinations.

Yes, since the student is required to fill fresh form for Nov.2020 exams, he is allowed to change medium of language for appearance in examination.


Whether student will get another chance to change his exam center after one month of filling the new exam form if the pandemic situation changes in his area.

Yes, the student will get one more chance of changing the exam center through Correction Window which will be opened in the first week of October 2020.


The May 2020 Examinations have been cancelled and merged with November 2020 Examinations, would pass out date be deemed to be passed in May 2020 or Nov 2020.

Since the May 2020 Examinations have been cancelled and merged with November 2020 Examinations, pass out month, date and year will be November 2020.


In case a student has remaining 2 papers to complete his second group in IPCE and his attempt is due in May 2021 and that student is supposed to clear his 2 papers in November, 2020, in that case how can he appear in May 2021 because date of registration for final is December 2020 but the result of November, 2020 exam may be declared in the month of January/February 2021.

The student after passing both the groups of IPCE is required to register in Final Course before filling form for Final Examination.


Whether a student can apply in Group II under Old course and in Group I under the new course simultaneously in November 2020 Examination.

No, it is not permitted. The student can apply either in old course or in new course

ICAI has also announced the schedule of its free live virtual classes for CA Foundation, Intermediate and Final for the month of August. The complete schedule of the live revision classes has been given below



CA Foundation

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CA Intermediate

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CA Final

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The online virtual classes can be attended here. Also ICAI hosts these virtual online classes on their official YouTube channel as well.

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