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JEE Main 2019 Paper 1- Live Updates

Wed, 09/01/2019 - 17:29:49 IST

NEW DELHI, JANUARY 9: The National Testing Agency is conducting the JEE Main 2019 paper 1 in completely computer-based test mode. It is for the first time that JEE Main will be held twice in a year. More than nine lakh candidates are appearing for JEE Main 2019. Careers360 brings to you live updates about JEE Main 2019 Paper 1 on January 9.

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Afternoon Shift

12 PM: Candidates started arriving at the exam centre

12:15 PM: Candidates are checking their roll numbers

12:40 PM: GATES opened

12:41 PM:  Student entry started

1:00 PM: Guard is announcing the instructions about what to carry and what to avoid.

1:15 PM:  Students are entering the exam centre and their admit cards and photo id are being checked.

1:30 PM: Entry is still going on.

2:00 PM: Candidates are rushing as the last few minutes of entry are left.

2:10 PM: GATE closed

2:14 PM: GATE was reopened for allowing student entry at the last minute.

2:15 PM: GATE finally closed

2:30 PM: Exam Commences

5:15 PM :  Parents waiting for the students

5:25 PM: Parents are blocking the gate as they are waiting for their wards.

5:30 PM: Exam Concluded

Forenoon Shift 

7:25 A.M: Students arriving with their parents to the exam centre

7:28 A.M: A candidate is checking his roll number on the wall

7:32 A.M: Instructions with regard to what to carry and what not to carry have been posted on the wall

7:35 A.M: A student along with his parent is reading the instructions that have been posted on the wall

7:45 A.M: The gate of the exam centre is set to open

7:47 A.M: The gate has opened and the admit card of the candidates is being checked along with the valid photo identity proof

7:49 A.M: Guard with the mike is making announcements about what to carry and what not to carry to the exam centre

8:00 A.M: The guard is repeatedly announcing the do’s and don'ts which the candidate must follow at the exam centre

8:10 A.M: The guard is repeatedly announcing the do’s and don'ts which the candidate must follow at the exam centre

8:15 A.M: Inside the examination, centre frisking is taking place. 

8:18 A.M: Candidates are still coming for JEE Main 2019 Paper 1

8: 30 A.M: Centre gates will close around 9:15 am anytime

8:39 A.M: Students with winter cap are asked to remove it before entering the centre.

8:45 A.M: Guard is announcing and asking the candidates to enter in the reporting centre only along with their JEE Main 2019 admit card and valid identity proof. 

9:00 A.M: Gate is about to close. Checking is still going on

9:10 A.M: Students are running for the last minute entry.

9:20 A.M: The gates have been closed.

9:30 A.M: Exam commences

12:30 A.M: Exam concluded

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