Let's talk work...

Let's talk work...
Illustration: Shvetank Verma Team Careers360 | Nov 18, 2019 - 1:01 p.m. IST
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Dear Reader,

The education news portal of Careers360 – news.careers360.com – is growing. You will find here a mix of the most important developments in education policy, student and campus activities, interviews, the latest updates on examinations and much more.

From December, we hope to add another dimension to it. We want to hear from people who are just beginning to join the world of employment – they are either going through the process of campus placements, have done or are completing internships, or are in the very early stages of their careers.

To capture the thoughts and experiences of young people just launching their careers will be a new section called The Workplace. It will be a platform for those just joining or in their early careers to share their experiences, dilemmas, setbacks and anxieties. We will publish a selection of these notes on the website.

We promise to use what you tell us responsibly – we will leave names out, if you so wish, and change all identifying details. What matters to us are the accounts of your experiences and the possibility of their finding resonance with, and even solutions from, others.

If you want to tell us about the stress you are experiencing during the placement season, or an interesting internship, or how you are spending your paychecks, do write to us at theworkplace@careers360.com.

If this note is not immediately relevant to you, please share it with whoever you think might be interested. We want The Workplace to be a vibrant place for gathering and sharing information.

Here are a few guidelines for submission:

  • Submissions should not be longer than 800-1,200 words and the ones selected for publishing will be edited for clarity.
  • Do share your contact details. It will help us authenticate the piece. Plus, we may need to get in touch for clarifications or to run the edited copy past you – we will keep these details confidential.
  • Give detailed accounts – nothing resonates more than a personal account even if it is just one person’s story
  • Do indicate whether you want your name and identifying details withheld. We will respect your decision
  • Subscribe to the news site here (news.careers360.com) and we will keep you posted

Given below are the sort of questions we hope can be addressed in The Workplace.

  • How is placement season going for you? Is it stressful? Why?
  • Are you unhappy with the way campus placements are conducted by your institute?
  • What is your experience looking for a job as a fresh graduate?
  • Did you study on a loan? What pressures do you face after graduating?
  • How are (or were) you treated as in intern?
  • Do you face difficulty managing your finances in your first job? What advice do you have for others?
  • Is there a culture of bullying or harassing new employees where you work? Have you faced it? How did you handle it?
  • Are you different from the mainstream in a way that you feel turns recruiters away? Tell us about your experience
  • Are you the only woman in a team of men?
  • Tell us about the boss.
  • Do you experience discrimination where you have started working?
  • Where do you look for support? Can you fall back on your family?
  • How is dissent handled at your workplace?
  • Is your contribution valued in the workplace?

You could pick one of these or something else altogether. We will take our cue from you as you know your world best.

Warm Regards,

Team Careers360.



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