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Let's talk work... Illustration: Shvetank Verma
Team Careers360 | Aug 20, 2020 - 9:31 a.m. IST
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Dear Reader,

The education news portal of Careers360 – news.careers360.com – is growing. You will find here a mix of the most important developments in education policy, student and campus activities, interviews, the latest updates on examinations and much more.

In December, we added The Workplace, a platform for young people just launching careers to share their experiences, dilemmas, setbacks and anxieties. We invite readers to write to us at the email address given below and we will publish a selection of these notes on the website.

The Workplace also includes detailed and insightful reportage on the lives and struggles of those just starting out. Our stories have gone beyond placement reports to look at how students struggle to find work, how COVID-19 has affected their prospects, how women’s jobs are changing and the daunting negotiation of gender roles at the workplace. After the lockdown, we have also shed light on how the newly-employed are coping with ‘work-from-home’ when the home is a paying-guest accommodation.

We promise to use what you share with us responsibly – we will leave names out, if you so wish, and change all identifying details.

If you want to tell us about your experience of placements, training or first jobs, write to us at theworkplace@careers360.com.

Team Careers360

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Email address: theworkplace@careers360.com

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To get in touch, write to us at news@careers360.com.

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